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The Pro Second Amendment Commercial Banned By Major Media Conglomerates

Full song: Come and Take It!

See story about the Media Ban here!

How The Government & Media Cheated Ron Paul

The Reality of “Gay Pride”
Warning! Crude Language

The other thing that gets me is those who dismiss homosexuality by saying, “well, they were born that way.” So, with that reasoning, is zoophilia, pedophilia, etc. “okay” because they are “born that way”?

Homosexuality is a BEHAVIOR, not a physical trait. You have no control over being of Italian decent, you have complete control over whether or not to sodomize another man.

Anyone who argues that you CANNOT control whether or not you sodomize another man, needs to rethink their positions on necrophiliacs, zoophiles, pedophiles, etc.

Do NOT misunderstand me… what two or more consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedroom is their business… but DO NOT expect me to accept it, condone it, support it, embrace it, or be “proud” of it.

Secondly, the moment you take your behavior out of the bedroom, make it public, and/or rub my face in it, I have every right to publicly express my disdain for your behavior.

Guerrilla surveillance camera destruction hits the U.S. – It started in Germany with masked anarchists dismantling CCTV cameras, now Camover is a global game
It started in Berlin: Anarchists, donning black bloc attire, hit the streets at night in pairs, small groups or alone to smash and dismantle the CCTV surveillance cameras adorning the city streets.

They posted videos and photos of their exploits online and called the guerrilla project Camover. The German collective gave a playful interview to Vice U.K. in which they explained that they are “a diverse group of people: Shoplifters eluding capitalism who don’t want to be monitored, passengers who don’t want to followed step by step and anarchists fighting everything that wants to control us.”

Chuck Baldwin: Gun Confiscation For Us; Gun Protection For Them
Virtually every major proponent of the banning of semi-automatic rifles, from Bob Costas to Joe Scarborough to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, all enjoy varying degrees of ARMED SECURITY–often including semi-automatic, or even fully automatic, rifles. Yet, these same people want to deny you and me the liberty of defending ourselves with a semi-automatic rifle.

And is there anyone reading this so naïve as to think that if they succeed in banning semi-automatic rifles that they would stop there? It has never happened. Disarmament is always accomplished one step at a time. Big-Government toadies will never be content until a population is, for all intents and purposes, totally disarmed. If gun-grabbers get their way, only the privileged few (including them) would be allowed to own their own firearms. The rest of us would be turned into helpless, hapless sheep: unable and incapable of defending ourselves, our homes, or our communities.

Revitalization of the State Militias
On April 19, 1775, the battles of Lexington and Concord on the outskirts of Boston ignited the conflict that led to the most momentous political event of man’s history – the Declaration of Independence and the birth of America. In the early morning hours of that day, a command of British troops was dispatched from Boston to search out and confiscate stores of militia weapons and supplies at Concord. On the way they confronted a small and unimposing band of armed American militia at Lexington. The British Major John Pitcairn shouted out, “Ye villains, ye Rebels, disperse; damn you, disperse! Lay down your arms!”

The American militia were under the command of Captain, John Parker; and their orders were to remain non-antagonistic to the British. They were outnumbered by almost ten to one. So why didn’t they lay down their arms when ordered to do so? “Because,” says constitutional scholar Edwin Vieira, “free men with a duty to keep and bear arms never willingly lay down their arms. And at Lexington, none of them did.” The heroic militia Captain John Parker warned his men, “if they mean to have a war let it begin here.” And begin it did.

State legislators seek to block any new federal gun laws – Even before Congress takes up any new gun laws, some state legislators are pushing bills to block enforcement.
In Alaska, state House Speaker Mike Chenault says he’s heard complaints from all over the state about the federal government “trampling” on gun owners’ 2nd Amendment rights.

In Pennsylvania, state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe declares that gun control advocates have “gone far enough.” And in North Dakota, state Rep. Roscoe Streyle says, “We know what’s right for our citizens.”

They are among a wave of lawmakers in at least 20 states who are pushing back against the Obama administration’s drive to pass tougher gun laws after the Newtown, Conn., school shooting. They seek to exempt their states from any new federal regulations.

AZ Court Says You Don’t Have to Be High to Get a DUI
An Arizona appeals court has ruled that marijuana users don’t need to be actually impaired to be successfully prosecuted for driving under the influence. The ruling came Tuesday in the case of a man who tested positive for an inactive marijuana metabolite that remains in the body for weeks after the high from smoking marijuana has worn off.

The ruling in Arizona v. Shilgevorkyan overturned a decision by a superior court judge who said that it didn’t make sense to prosecute people for driving under the influence if they’re not actually under the influence.

Here’s Why So Many Russians Have Dash Cams
According to a report last year by Al Jazeera, an estimated one million Russian motorists have dashboard video cameras installed in their cars. This is not to capture moments like the meteor flight or even miraculous survivals of horrifying highway crashes. No, Al Jazeera reported that the cams are there to help stamp out police corruption.

New York Blogger Marina Galperina, who originally hails from Russia, wrote a fascinating piece last year about Russia’s dash cam culture. Galperina called the cams “Russia’s last hope for civility and survival on the road.” The country’s roads are “perilous” and, she wrote, “psychopaths are abundant.” However Galperina also points to police and government corruption as a driving force behind the Russian dash cam explosion.

Cops Harass Old Lady After Mistaking Buckeye Bumper Sticker For Pot Leaf Bumper Sticker
Tennessee police might need better instruction in botany and Buckeye football.

A 65-year-old woman recently came under suspicion, she reported, for having a Buckeye leaf decal on her car. The cops mistook it for a marijuana symbol.

“It’s just amazing they would be that dumb,” Bonnie Jonas-Boggioni said.

She lives in Plano, Texas, but she grew up in Columbus and is known as a lifelong Buckeyes fan. She has served as president of the Ohio State Alumni Club in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Since New York State enacted its restrictive new gun laws, many manufacturers have sent that state (and others) a message: If local governments are going to severely restrict the ability of citizens to own guns, then these companies will not be selling to law enforcement in those areas.

Leading Geneticist: Human Intelligence is Slowly Declining
The institution of marriage could be finished if cohabiters won equal rights, writes Cristina Odone.

Would you be surprised to hear that the human race is slowly becoming dumber, and dumber? Despite our advancements over the last tens or even hundreds of years, some ‘experts’ believe that humans are losing cognitive capabilities and becoming more emotionally unstable. One Stanford University researcher and geneticist, Dr. Gerald Crabtree, believes that our intellectual decline as a race has much to do with adverse genetic mutations. But there is more to it than that.

According to Crabtree, our cognitive and emotional capabilities are fueled and determined by the combined effort of thousands of genes. If a mutation occurred in any of of these genes, which is quite likely, then intelligence or emotional stability can be negatively impacted.

Scoop the nuts – Mentally ill roundup plan after train pushes
The city is making a major push to sweep the streets of dangerous, mentally ill New Yorkers — and has even compiled a most-wanted list, The Post has learned.

The measure follows a pair of high-profile subway-shove fatalities from December allegedly involving mentally ill individuals.

The city has already drawn up a list of 25 targets, sources said.

Now straight couples will want to be civil partners
The children’s service yesterday at Chelsea Old Church in London was a hoot, as Joshua and his troops (boys and girls between four and 10) circled Jericho, blowing their trumpets all the while. The walls, built from cardboard boxes, came tumbling down with a very satisfying crash after Mrs Gaskell, the impresario behind the scenes, whacked them with her stick.

Like Jericho, marriage has come under siege. Its terms (“till death us do part”, “for richer, for poorer”), have been trashed by divorce; its uniqueness devalued by gay marriage and surrogate parenthood (in Florida, a judge has ruled that a birth certificate can list three parents). I Give it a Year, the newest Working Title title, plays it for laughs; but its portrait of a young marriage hurtling towards trouble is more realism than romcom: one in two couples who tie the knot today will split up.

Cohabitation, by contrast, is the fastest-growing family unit. Three million couples live together – twice as many as 15 years ago. Today, only a comedian doing a whisky priest imitation would ever refer to this as “living in sin”. Cohabitation is not only trending among youngsters, it’s become routine among middle-aged couples. Like their younger counterparts, forty- and fiftysomethings like to think they are bound by romantic mutual admiration in an eternal St Valentine’s Day celebration.

Matrimony sounds too much like patrimony: rights and riches steeped in legalese. It’s a bureaucratic contract that wastes time on form-filling and money on a bling-bling occasion featuring an embarrassing best-man speech and a blubbing woman in a corner – the mother of the groom, or his jilted girlfriend.
It would be easy to accept cohabiting as the new normal. But OnePlusOne, a relationship charity, will this week sound an alarm bell. Most men and women, its latest poll shows, have bought into the myth that living together confers the same legal rights as marriage. That’s why it’s called “common law marriage”, right? Wrong.

Cohabitation is a dangerous mistake to make if you are a mother thrown over by your common-law husband. He is under no obligation to let you live in the home he bought when you moved in together; or to share the income from his business – even if you helped him build it from scratch. It’s a bitter mistake, too, for the woman who survives her lifelong partner. She may have loved him in his prime, cared for him in his dotage, but at his death she will discover that she has no automatic right to either his pension or his estate.

Men, too, are the victims of the cohabitation myth, though the statistics show this is a less likely scenario. But it is ironic that women, who during the feminist decades were taught that marriage is a prison, should discover that they stand to gain from the patriarchal institution. Even those who scorn marriage should appreciate its power to safeguard a woman’s future.

My worry is that our right-on Establishment will panic at the prospect of a backlash against cohabitation. A vote against living together is a vote for marrying each other. Opinion formers will pounce on the OnePlusOne findings and argue that, instead of saving marriage, the time has come to extend civil partnership protections to straight couples. When the Civil Partnerships Bill was going through parliament, heterosexual couples were told the law wouldn’t apply to them as they had the option to marry, while gays didn’t. Now that gays will be allowed to marry, shouldn’t straights be allowed a civil partnership with the rights that go with it?

I fear the answer is yes. Marriage will withstand this latest attack no better than Jericho’s cardboard walls held up against Mrs Gaskell’s stick. It won’t be easy clearing up the mess afterwards.

Reality Check: Did law enforcement intentionally set fire to the cabin where Chris Dorner was hiding

Reality Check Special: Drones

Bill calls for the sheriff to inspect the homes of assault-weapon owners.
Forget police drones flying over your house. How about police coming inside, once a year, to have a look around?

As Orwellian as that sounds, it isn’t hypothetical. The notion of police home inspections was introduced in a bill last week in Olympia.

Federal law: Every living American can be arrested right now for felony possession of drugs made in their own brains
If you are reading this, you are guilty of felony possession of a Schedule I controlled substance.

This is not a joke.

You, like everyone else who is alive and breathing, can be arrested right now by the U.S. federal government, charged with felony possession, then proven “guilty” of that possession because you do possess a Schedule I substance in your own brain.

What substance is that? Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, sometimes called the “spirit molecule” because of its ability to allow humans to transcend states of consciousness.

21 Signs That U.S. Public Schools Have Become Training Centers For Sexual Deviancy
Why do men and women have a such a hard time relating to each other in a meaningful way in America today? Could our oversexed culture have anything to do with it? In the United States today, we are constantly being bombarded with sexual messages. Just think about it. Did you watch the Super Bowl a few weeks ago? Most of the commercials were about sex on some level, and the “halftime show” featuring Beyonce might as well have been a strip club act. It was utterly shameful. But in America today, all of this is considered to be “normal”. We literally worship sex, and we can never get enough of it. And of course the results of such a society are predictable. There are 20 million new sexually-transmitted infections in the U.S. each year, we have the highest teen pregnancy rate on the planet, and it is estimated that one out of every four girls in the U.S. is sexually abused before they become adults.

DHS Advances Plan For “Public Safety” Drones
The Department of Homeland Security is advancing its plan to use surveillance drones for “public safety” applications, announcing last week that it had received a deluge of “excellent” responses from potential vendors and was set to carry out more tests of the technology.

New testing of spy drones for “public safety” applications has been rubber stamped by the DHS. Image: YouTube
As we first reported in July last year, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano told a House Committee on Homeland Security that the federal agency was “looking at drones that could be utilized to give us situational awareness in a large public safety [matter] or disaster,” despite the fact that the agency had previously indicated it was reticent to use spy drones to keep tabs on the public.

Alex Jones Exposes Behind the Scenes at CNN UNCENSORED

MD Man With Down Syndrome Killed By Police In Movie Theater For Not Leaving His Seat
The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office says the death of a mentally disabled man in police custody has been ruled a homicide.

Cpl. Jennifer Bailey said Friday that the state medical examiner determined that 26-year-old Robert Saylor of New Market died of asphyxia Jan. 12.

Saylor had Down syndrome.

Mexican lawmakers will ask the U.S. Senate to create a registry of all commercialized firearms in border states, which includes California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Mexico says it will make it easier to trace guns used in violent attacks.

The measure was reportedly approved on January 9 by Mexico’s Permanent Commission, a government entity that meets when Mexico’s Senate and the Chamber of Deputies is in recess. Gun owners in Arizona are calling the proposal “foolish” and an “invasion of privacy.”

New Advice To Schools: Confront Shooter…Unarmed
Law enforcement authorities are increasingly advising school officials – and even young students – to physically confront suspects in future campus attacks as a final line of defense.

The advisories, now included in training videos and documents prepared by police, represent a major shift in tactics for law enforcement officials who have traditionally counseled potential victims to flee and hide while waiting for authorities to answer calls for help.

“These incidents are becoming a fact of life,” University of Wisconsin-Madison Police Chief Susan Riseling told a meeting of law enforcement colleagues gathered here. “If there is no other option, take the shooter out.”

City Spends $585,000 On Study Of How To Save Money
Why did Baltimore need to pay outside consultants half a million dollars for a report that says the city’s financial future is grim?

Some city residents wondered as much after Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake called for a new trash collection fee, a smaller city workforce and cuts to employee benefits as a way to deal with the projected $750 million, 10-year budget shortfall the consultants projected. For a city as financially strapped as Baltimore, couldn’t that work have been done in house?

The answer, according to city budget director Andrew Kleine, is no.

NYPD Sergeant Alberto Randazzo, 36, is arrested after cops find child porn on his computer: police
An NYPD sergeant with 15 years on the force was arrested Monday and charged in connection with having child pornography on his computer, police sources said.
Alberto Randazzo, 36, was charged with use of a child in a sexual performance, promoting sexual performance by a child and possessing a sexual performance by a child, police said.

Man arrested after posting photos of himself petting a manatee, they say he was “molesting” it
A Fort Pierce man was arrested Sunday after posting Facebook photos of himself and two young children petting and holding a manatee calf, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

The FWC filed charges against Ryan William Waterman, 21, with the State Attorney’s Office regarding a violation of the Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act after receiving tips from a citizen who saw photos of the incident on Facebook.

Democrats Introduce Bill to Allow Police to Search Homes of Gun Owners
Democrats in Washington State are in full retreat after it was reported they are working on legislation that would nullify the Fourth Amendment rights of citizens who own firearms designated as “assault weapons” by the state.

“In order to continue to possess an assault weapon that was legally possessed on the effective date of this section, the person possessing shall … safely and securely store the assault weapon. The sheriff of the county may, no more than once per year, conduct an inspection to ensure compliance with this subsection,” SB 5737 states.

Something strange is going on. Federal non-military agencies have bought two billion rounds of ammunition in the last 10 months. The Obama Administration says that federal law enforcement agents need the ammunition for “mandatory quarterly firearms qualifications and other training sessions.”

Radio show host Mark Levin is suspicious. He commented:

To provide some perspective, experts estimate that at the peak of the Iraq war American troops were firing around 5.5 million rounds per month. At that rate, the [Department of Homeland Security] is armed now for a 24-year Iraq war. A 24-year Iraq war! I’m going to tell you what I think is going on. I don’t think domestic insurrection. Law enforcement and national security agencies, they play out multiple scenarios. … I’ll tell you what I think they’re simulating: the collapse of our financial system, the collapse of our society and the potential for widespread violence, looting, killing in the streets, because that’s what happens when an economy collapses. I suspect that just in case our fiscal situation, our monetary situation, collapses, and following it the civil society collapses, that is the rule of law, they want to be prepared. I know why the government’s arming up: It’s not because there’s going to be an insurrection; it’s because our society is unraveling.

Even though the National Rifle Association says that the amount of ammunition bought isn’t excessive, considering the number of federal agents and the fact that the ammunition is used over a five-year period, there are others who question why the need for so many federal agents. Among them is Jeff Knox, director of The Firearms Coalition, who said:

It’s not the number of bullets we need to worry about but the number of feds with guns it takes to use those bullets. There are currently more than 70 different federal law enforcement agencies employing over 120,000 officers with arrest and firearms authority . . . That’s an increase of nearly 30 percent between 2004 and 2008. If the trends have continued upward at a relatively steady rate, that would put the total number of federal law enforcement officers at somewhere between 135,000 and 145,000. That’s a pretty staggering number, especially when you consider that there are only an estimated 765,000 state and local law enforcement officers. That means that about one in seven law enforcement officers in the country works directly for the federal government, not a local jurisdiction.

Police in Washington Town Set to Roll Out Federally-funded Crime Prediction Program
Police in Tacoma, Wash. will soon be receiving federally-funded cloud-based crime prediction software known as PREDPOL, short for predictive policing.

The program consists of a mathematical algorithm similar to the one used to predict earthquakes that will use five years’ worth of past crime data and sociological information about criminal behavior to predict where and when a future crime will likely take place, down to a 500-square-foot area.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, a six-month survey of the software produced a 36 percent drop in burglaries in the Foothill Division. PREDPOL is now in talks with police about purchasing the software in over 200 cities worldwide. The software creators point to decreasing budgets and police staff as the main reason behind the interest in the program.

Civil liberties advocates immediately questioned if the software would conflict with citizens’ privacy and whether or not the program would begin collecting data on specific individuals. “We have no plans to move anywhere close to the individual. You’ll – rightly – run into a variety of Constitutional problems almost immediately,” said PREDPOL’s Director of Government Relations and Strategy Ryan Coonerty

DID OBAMA SUPPORTER VOTE 6 TIMES IN 2012? – Ohio poll worker target of fraud investigation
The Obama/Biden lawn sign remains proudly planted in front of Melowese Richardson’s Cincinnati home, three months after the presidential election.

It seems that President Obama has an especially ardent supporter in the veteran Ohio poll worker.

Richardson told a local television station this month that she voted twice for Obama last November. She cast an absentee ballot and then voted at the polls as well.

The Paradigm Shift Dilemma
The dilemma is this: Those whose views are being corrected resist the correction quite vigorously because of that human foible we call ego. People do not like to admit that they have lived the bulk of their adult lives subscribing to a serious intellectual error. Thus when a great ideological correction begins, for example, in the field of political-economy, they resort to sophistry in order to defend the older way of looking at things that they have supported for most of their lives. This is because 95 percent of humans, who are past 40 years of age, are no longer seekers of truth; they are seekers of “support for their previous convictions.” This is what makes them feel content in life. Truth, therefore, takes a back seat to protecting their egos and the convictions they have held for several decades.

Full Disclosure: Does CIA Director Nominee John Brennan Not Believe in “Absolute Human Rights”

Mo. House Bill Makes Proposing Gun Control Illegal
A Missouri lawmaker is proposing to send colleagues to prison for introducing gun control legislation — a plan that even its sponsor acknowledges has no chance of passage but nonetheless highlights the increasingly strident tone of gun measures in Missouri’s generally pro-gun Legislature.

Commentary: It should be a felony (I prefer Treason) for any member of government, while in the official capacity of their office, to knowingly and willingly violate the Constitution of the united States or the State they are from. It should further be a felony (again, Treason) for any member of government, while in the official capacity of their office, to knowingly and willingly violate the Natural or Constitutional Rights of any individual.

Those found guilty of the most heinous violations against the people should be publicly executed, and their remains laid at the doorstep of their successor. The remainder that violate the people should suffer anything from prison to exile.

With a law such as this in place, properly enforced, we would return to a Democratic-Republican country, based on the principles of Natural Law, Justice, and Liberty, faster than a politician can spend money.

Pregnant Teen Wins Abortion Battle – Saves the life of her unborn child
A pregnant teen who sued her parents, claiming they were coercing her to have an abortion, will be able to give birth to her baby.

Attorneys representing the 16-year-old girl were granted a long-term injunction against the girl’s parents in Texas family court on Monday, according to court documents.

The teen is 10 weeks pregnant and the injunction will last for the duration of her pregnancy.

Judge Napolitano Takes On NYC’s Plan To Round Up Mentally Ill People Who Are Not Taking Court-Ordered Medication

McCain defends immigration plan to angry residents
Arizona took center stage in the national immigration debate Tuesday as Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano toured the state’s border with Mexico and Sen. John McCain defended his proposed immigration overhaul to an angry crowd in suburban Phoenix.

The presence of the top officials is the latest sign that Arizona will play a prominent role in the immigration debate as President Barack Obama looks to make it a signature issue of his second term.

Sheriff Warns Of “Second American Revolution” If Gun Grabbers Get Their Way – Milwaukee County law enforcer urged his citizens to arm themselves
A Milwaukee County Sheriff has warned that a second American Revolution may be sparked if unconstitutional gun laws are enforced by police and sheriff’s department officials.

Sheriff David Clarke recently urged the citizens he serves to consider learning firearm safety because of “a duty to protect yourself and your family.”

In a message posted on the Sheriff’s website, Clarke wrote “I need you in the game, but are you ready? With officers laid-off and furloughed, simply calling 9-1-1 and waiting is no longer your best option. You can beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under the bed, or you can fight back; but are you prepared?”

Oklahoma House Passes Firearms Freedom Act
In response to proposed federal laws outlawing firearms, legislators in Oklahoma have put forward House Bill 2021, the Firearms Freedom Act. It sailed through a House Public Safety Committee on a 13-0 vote and is one of at least two dozen gun-related bills that are moving through the Legislature.

Sponsors of the bill say the legislation is designed to make sure the federal government does not violate the Second Amendment rights of Oklahomans.

Another bill passed by the committee would allow private schools to institute their own rules on whether teachers and visitors can be armed.

The measures will now move to the House Calendar Committee where they will be scheduled for a vote in the full House.

Law Enforcement “Requested” Shooting Targets of Pregnant Women

Pregnant Woman in the cross-hairs of the police

Police can no longer distinguish right from wrong… so they practice blowing away pregnant women “without hesitation”!

See also: Retired Cop: Desensitizing Police Training Is Brainchild Of Sick Social Engineers

See Also: Latest development: DHS Contractor Apologizes For Selling Shooting Targets of Children

Google Glass: Transhumanist Nightmare

Columbine Survivor Pens Bold Open Letter To Obama Rejecting Gun Control: ‘Whose Side Are You On?’
Columbine survivor Evan Todd released an open letter to President Barack Obama on Wednesday in which he offers a point-by-point analysis of proposed firearms control initiatives, dismissing them as ineffective and dangerous to Americans’ rights.

Bradley Manning Faces 1000th Day in Prison
This Saturday, February 23rd, will mark the 1,000th day in prison without trial for PFC Bradley Manning, accused of releasing classified military documents to Wikileaks. Among the documents was the Collateral Murder video, which shows the 2007 murder of over a dozen people in Baghdad by a U.S. Apache helicopter. The murdered included civilians and two Reuter’s employees, photojournalist Namir Noor-Eldeen and his driver Saeed Chmagh.

H.R. 748 Would Require All Persons In The US 18-25 To Perform ‘National Service’
There has been speculation regarding President Obama’s “citizen army”. In 2008, President Obama made statements regarding a “civilian national security force”. Since that day, many have been curious as to what President Obama had in mind when he made that statement. Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY13) may have just given a bit of insight into what was meant when he introduced H.R. 748 last week.

“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded,”Obama said as a candidate in 2008.

Illinois state senator pushes anti-anonymity bill
A recently introduced bill in the Illinois state Senate would require anonymous website comment posters to reveal their identities if they want to keep their comments online.

The bill, called the Internet Posting Removal Act, is sponsored by Illinois state Sen. Ira Silverstein. It states that a “>web site administrator upon request shall remove any comments posted on his or her web site by an anonymous poster unless the anonymous poster agrees to attach his or her name to the post and confirms that his or her IP address, legal name, and home address are accurate.”

Sheriff Responds to Attacks Over “Second Revolution” Comments – “The American people will decide when to push back, not me.”
Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. has defended his comments on The Alex Jones Show earlier this week under criticism from local reporters who said his remarks that strict gun legislation could lead to a “second American Revolution” were inflammatory.

Clarke told Jones’ listeners that he would consider any federal order to confiscate guns as “an act of tyranny,” and said that he would refuse to enforce it in his county.

Texas Weighs Bill That Would Buck Gun Control
A Texas legislator proposed a bill that would make it a misdemeanor to enforce federal gun-control measures pushed by the Obama administration.

Rep. Steve Toth, a Republican from The Woodlands, recently filed HB 1076 “The Firearms Protection Act.”

If the state Legislature passes it, the measure would ban state, county and municipal authorities, including district attorneys, from enforcing any future federal gun control laws.

It would also allow Texas police officers to arrest federal law enforcement agents who attempt to enforce any federal bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines within the state.

In the wake of the murder of 20 children and six adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newton, Conn., President Barack Obama rolled out a gun-control agenda that includes mandating background checks for all gun sales and banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

Under the measure Toth proposed last week, any Texas governmental entities that enforced federal gun-control laws proposed after Jan. 1, 2013, would lose state grant funds for a year.

Any citizen could also file a complaint with the state’s attorney general if they had evidence that an entity was enforcing the laws.

The attorney general could then file a petition for writ of mandamus, “or apply for other appropriate equitable relief in a district court” to compel the entity to stop enforcing the measures.

Toth’s bill would also make it a Class A misdemeanor for any government official or law enforcement officer to knowingly enforce any federal gun control measures passed after Jan. 1.

The law takes effect immediately with a two-thirds vote by Texas legislators, and if it does not receive the votes for immediate passage it will take effect on Sept. 1, 2013, according to the bill.

Charles Rhodes, a professor at South Texas College of Law in Houston, told KUHF FM that there is Supreme Court precedent that gives states the right to pass on enforcing a particular federal law.

“But what the state cannot do is interfere, in any way, with the feds’ ability to try to enforce those gun control measures in the state of Texas. And any attempt to do that would clearly violate the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution,” Rhodes told KUHF.

Toth’s bill is modeled after legislation introduced in Wyoming.

Pennsylvania Survivalist Arrested in New Jersey on Weapons Charge
Efforts to demonize preppers are in full swing as one Philadelphia area survivalist can attest.

A cover of the publication Philadelphia Weekly featured Fernando Salguero on its cover with the headline “Alarmed and Dangerous.”

Fernando Antonio Salguero, 39, has forged a survivalist reputation for himself in and around the Philadelphia area, founding an 800-member strong Meetup group where people can discuss survivalism and preparedness items.

Salguero recently found himself on the wrong side of the law when he went into his neighboring state of New Jersey to contest a ticket.

He was approached by officers outside of the Somerdale, New Jersey municipal court last Tuesday originally because he was suspected of parking illegally, according to reports.

National “Day of Resistance” Rally Planned for Saturday, Feb 23 (.223)
In the spirit of protest and in efforts to retain the Second Amendment as it stands, a nationwide “Day of Resistance” has been organized for Saturday, February 23 in virtually all states, with some states holding multiple rallies in multiple towns and cities.

According to the event’s head organizer, Dustin Stockton, the rallies were never meant to be a nationwide effort, but they quickly turned into one once citizens in other states adamant about protecting their gun rights caught wind.

Al Qaeda’s Top Recruiting Tool: The CIA
What makes someone join Al Qaeda? In the case of Abu Yahya al-Libi, the Al Qaeda luminary killed in an American drone strike in Pakistan last June, his older brother has no doubt. Americans are culpable for his sibling’s embrace of terrorism. He draws a direct line between al-Libi’s recruitment by al Qaeda and the suffering he endured at the hands of American interrogators using techniques similar to those portrayed in the movie Zero Dark Thirty.

Al-Libi’s slaying may have been one of the reasons Libyan jihadists attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi last September, an assault that led to the death of ambassador Christopher Stevens. In the days leading up to the attack, Al Qaeda’s amir, Ayman al-Zawahiri, focused his annual 9/11 message on the drone war, eulogized al-Libi and called on “Libyan brothers” to avenge the loss.

Newly-Released Memo by Donald Rumsfeld Proves Iraq War Started On False Pretenses
ecretary of State Colin Powell’s chief of staff – Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson – just said that Powell knew that there were no WMDs:

I wonder what will happen when we put 500,000 troops into Iraq and comb the country from one end to the other and find nothing.

Scorecard: How Many Rights Have Americans REALLY Lost?
Preface: While a lot of people talk about the loss of our Constitutional liberties, people usually speak in a vague, generalized manner … or focus on only one issue and ignore the rest.

This post explains the liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights – the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution – and provides a scorecard on the extent of the loss of each right.

Liberals are their own worst enemy

I have thought of how funny it would be to ship liberals off to their own island where they could live their supposed “Utopian” life the way they envision it. The liberals would then be free to live the way they want… free of common sense and responsibility.

It is with a great degree of entertainment that I imagine the following:

There would be two factions, the government and the people. The people would give everything they own to the government, and the government would control every aspect of the people’s lives, and redistribute all wealth “fairly”.

Eventually they would find that no one was working to pay the taxes as everyone would be living off of government taxes and dues, except the government and union employee… who live off of government and union taxes and dues.

Natural resources would not be utilized in order to not burden the planet with the plight called humanity, and everyone would live in lean-tos made of naturally fallen brush. Returning to “nature”, the life expectancy of the populace would drop to about the age of 35.

They would have no need for infrastructure, and they would have no cars, use no electricity, and would recycle their own feces to fertilize the gardens for their vegan lifestyle. The lack of protein in their diet, and constant consumption of raw vegetables grown in human waste, would lead to crippling illness and parasitic infections.

Crime would then become the major source of sustenance for the populace, as they would need to supplement “their fair share”. Crime would grow exponentially as there would be great concern for the rights of criminals, and complete gun control; furthermore, the legal system would only harass and oppress the law-abiding that try to defend themselves… refusing to prosecute criminals as they (the criminals) would be considered too downtrodden and in dire need of rehabilitation.

The financial situation would not be as severe as expected though, because the population would begin to decrease as most unions would be homosexual or hedonistic in nature, and what few pregnancies occurred would end in abortion. Those who were left would be infected with various diseases due to a reliance on condoms and the government distribution of syringes. Of course, those few remaining would be “picked off” by the wild animals left to their own devices, as the populace would not want to “interfere” with nature.

If anyone remained, they would be suffering with various syndromes, which would, in their opinion, require extensive counseling and psychotropic medication paid for by the government. The government, having no money, would need to hold marathons, and charity auctions, and beg other governments to supplement them in their time of need. To increase sympathy, they would show images of poor, drug addicted, aids-infected, teenage lesbian, serial killers with severe diarrhea, in need of medication to treat their dyslexia and low attention spans.

The other countries would then notice the untouched landscape, the unused natural resources, and the weak, unarmed, people incapacitated with diarrhea and psychotropic induced delusions that inhabit it, and they would invade the country.

Those liberals that were not killed during the invasion would then be captured and put into forced labor camps where they would be treated completely equal, and would be fed, clothed, and receive their medical care from the government, just like they always dreamed.