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Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt. – Samuel Adams

“My name is Paul Weston, and I am a racist”

Feminism causes the objectification of women: Jessica Rey – The evolution of the swim suit

NSA’s Criminal Activity

FBI Admits That Obeying The Constitution Just Takes Too Much Time
While much of the news coverage of FBI Director Robert Mueller’s Congressional hearing this week focused on his admission that the FBI has used drones domestically, there were some other points raised, including his “defense” of the broad surveillance techniques that appears to amount to the idea that it just takes too long to obey the Constitution and go through the proper procedures before getting information:

Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Mr. Mueller addressed a proposal to require telephone companies to retain calling logs for five years — the period the N.S.A. is keeping them — for investigators to consult, rather than allowing the government to collect and store them all. He cautioned that it would take time to subpoena the companies for numbers of interest and get the answers back.

“The point being that it will take an awful long time,” Mr. Mueller said.

Chicago Cop Issued 200 Fake DUI Tickets To Meet Quota And Rack Up On Overtime!

Australians Forced to Answer Questions About Sex Life – Citizens face jail time for refusing to answer intrusive government survey
Australian citizens have been complaining about government surveyors knocking on their doors and asking very intrusive personal questions. One resident in particular was asked what sexual partners his wife had, and also asked when either of them would be home alone. If residents decline these questions, they can face fines or even jail time.

The Australian government has been conducting what they refer to as a “Monthly Population Survey” (MPS) since 1960 in order to provide regular information about the country’s workforce. However, recent complaints have revealed the questions are much more personal than how long you’ve been out of work.

Residents are randomly selected for surveys based on their address. Despite the contradictory information on the ABS website, once residents have been chosen, they’re required to participate in the invasive surveys once a month for eight months. One Aussie in particular was told the only way to get around the survey would be to change addresses.

NSA: If Your Data Is Encrypted, You Might Be Evil, So We’ll Keep It Until We’re Sure
There’s been plenty of commentary concerning the latest NSA leak concerning its FISA court-approved “rules” for when it can keep data, and when it needs to delete it. As many of you pointed out in the comments to that piece — and many others are now exploring — the rules seem to clearly say that if your data is encrypted, the NSA can keep it. Specifically, the minimization procedures say that the NSA has to destroy the communication it receives once it’s determined as domestic unless they can demonstrate a few facts about it. As part of this, the rules note:

In the context of a cryptanalytic effort, maintenance of technical data basesrequires retention of all communications that are enciphered or reasonably believed to contain secret meaning, and sufficient duration may consist of any period of time during which encrypted material is subject to, or of use in, cryptanalysis.

In other words, if your messages are encrypted, the NSA is keeping them until they can decrypt them.

More Than 530 Taser-Related Deaths In U.S. Since 2001
Using a taser to immobilize an adult seems like a good idea when you consider the alternative would be to pull out your gun and kill the guy. But over-zealous law enforcement personnel are obviously taking taser-use to extremes. As of April 2013, there have been 538 taser-related deaths in the United States, and some of them have been children.

Truth Not Tasers and Electronic Village have been compiling a list of North Americans who died after they were tasered since 2001 and the statistics are staggering. More than 790 people have died since 1984 as a result of being tasered, and 530 of those deaths have occurred just since 2001.

Poll: Americans approve of drafting women for combat
A new poll reveals that there is widespread support among Americans for women to be included if the U.S. military would resume a draft.

The poll done by and Mason-Dixon Polling and Research said 59 percent of Americans “believe women should be included in a draft, compared to only 38 percent who think they should not.”

However, an expert on the U.S. military and the issues it is facing said there are concerns with such an idea, especially since the military just announced a strategy to “allow” women into combat.

“The poll uses the phrase ‘participating in combat,’ as if that experience is no more difficult than ‘participating’ in a social event,” warned Elaine Donnelly, of the Center for Military Readiness.

Her group is an independent and nonpartisan public policy group that promotes high standards and sound priorities for making military personnel policies. It takes the lead in defending elements of military culture that are essential for morale and readiness.

“The word ‘included’ also suggests a voluntary option, instead of a mandatory order,” she said.

However, she continued, “Due to physiological differences that cannot be adjusted, women do not have an equal opportunity to survive, or to help fellow soldiers survive in direct ground combat units that attack the enemy with deliberate offensive action.”

She said, “Equal obligations to become ‘combat replacements’ – a phrase used by the Supreme Court in the 1981 Rostker v. Goldberg case upholding women’s SS exemptions – would therefore be unfair to women and extremely controversial.”

The poll showed that support for drafting women was strongest among women, the 18-34 age group and Democrats.

“This poll documents a real evolution in public opinion about women serving in combat,” said Michelle Ubben, for “It reflects some interesting divides, with twice as many Democrats supporting women in the draft as Republicans. Clearly women are not shying away from an equal responsibility to serve our country.”

The poll surveyed 1,000 registered voters nationwide and was conducted by telephone March 27-April 1. The margin of error is 3.2 percent.

It followed by only days the Defense Department’s confirmation that it plans to order female personnel into direct ground combat battalions.

Said Donnelly, “Department of Defense and military leaders are letting down the troops by moving ahead with ill-advised plans to order (not ‘allow’) women into physically demanding direct ground combat (DGC) positions. These include Army and Marine infantry, artillery, armor, and Special Operations Forces, including Ranger and Navy SEAL battalions.

“Missions of these fighting teams, which attack the enemy with deliberate offensive action, are very different from the experiences of courageous military women who have served in harm’s way while exposed to incident-related or contingent combat in war zones since 9/11,” she said.

“The phrase ‘gender-neutral standards’ has yet to be defined and no one has made the argument that such requirements would strengthen training or improve readiness in the combat arms. Due to physical differences that have been affirmed by more than 30 years of studies and reports on the subject, all possible options for implementing ‘gender-neutral standards’ would have the effect of lowering requirements.”

She said what will have to happen is that the military will lower its physical requirements, or men and women will be scored by “equal effort” rather than performance. Or she said, if standards remain the same, most women would “wash out.”

“None of these options for achieving gender-based ‘diversity’ in the combat arms would sustain or improve combat training standards, which are necessarily high for survival and mission accomplishment in elite fighting teams and Special Operations Forces,” she said.

“It is regrettable that members of Congress are so distracted that they are failing to recognize a fundamental flaw in the argument for women in the infantry: Violence against women is wrong, say the proponents, unless it happens at the hands of the enemy. None of this is necessary, since the Pentagon’s own data shows that for decades, military women have been promoted at rates equal to or faster than men.”

Anger mounts after Facebook’s ‘shadow profiles’ leak in bug
Friday Facebook announced the fix of a bug it said inadvertently exposed the private information of over six million users when Facebook’s previously unknown shadow profiles accidentally merged with user accounts in data history record requests.

According to Reuters, the data leak spanned a year beginning in 2012.

The personal information leaked by the bug is information that had not been given to Facebook by the users – it is data Facebook has been compiling on its users behind closed doors, without their consent.

A growing number of Facebook users are furious and demand to know who saw private information they had expressly not given to Facebook.

Facebook in a nutshell – “Friendface”

IRS Sent Refunds To 23,994 Undocumented Immigrants At Same Address
The Internal Revenue Service sent 23,994 tax refunds to a single Atlanta address for a total of $46,378,040 in 2011 — and each of the refunds averaging over $1,900 went to undocumented immigrants, according to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

Although that single Atlanta address was perhaps the most egregious example, it was by no means the only one. As it turns out, “four of the top ten addresses to which the IRS sent thousands of tax refunds to ‘unauthorized’ aliens were in Atlanta,” as reported by CNS News.

Pediatricians have a new mission: Fight ‘homophobia’
In its first sexual-orientation policy update in nearly a decade, the nation’s largest pediatricians group said its members should do more to fight “heterosexism” and “homophobia,” as well as step up their care of teens with same-sex attractions.

“Sexual-minority youth should not be considered abnormal,” the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) said in its new materials on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youths, released Monday.

The policy statement and technical report — which updates a 2004 policy — is nonbinding but recommends that pediatricians create offices that are “teen-friendly and welcoming to all adolescents, regardless of sexual orientation and behavior.”

Canadian Court Fines Comic for ‘Verbal Abuse’
In a ruling that could carry implications for comedy clubs across Canada, the Supreme Court of British Columbia has upheld the right of a bar patron to receive five-figures in damages from a comedian whose performance she alleges gave her post-traumatic stress disorder.

In 2011, Toronto comedian Guy Earle was ordered by the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal to pay $15,000 to Lorna Pardy, a homosexual woman who said she suffered “lasting physical and psychological effect” after Mr. Earle directed a string of lesbian slurs at her during a 2007 Vancouver open mic night.

On Wednesday, B.C. highest court ruled against Mr. Earle’s assertion that comedy clubs should remain special places devoted to the “fearless pursuit of free speech” and that the Tribunal’s decision would have a “chilling effect on performances and artists in British Columbia.”

California Senate Passes Bill Requiring Permit to Buy Ammo
Once again, Sacramento proves that to go really over-the-top, you’ve got to go to Democrat California:
The California Senate this week approved a collection of bills, including one (SB 53) that would require background checks, permits, and fees for the purchase of ammunition.

Kira Davis notes that SB 53 also “requires background checks and a $50 ammo purchase fee.”

It wasn’t that long ago that I saw Dick Durbin on one of the Sunday shows, with the stuff-eating grin on his face, joked about taxing bullets until they cost a hundred or a thousand dollars apiece. Which I could find that video, but no one seems to have grabbed it.

Xbox Kinect may violate proposed “We are watching you” legislation in the U.S.
Microsoft’s Kinect technology might be in violation of proposed legislation from a pair of US politicians.

Massachusetts Democrat congressman Mike Capuano and North Carolina Republican congressman Walter Jones hope that their bill – titled “We Are Watching You” – will result in companies being forced to notify technology users whenever they are being recorded.

According to their application, the bill is a response to reports that national telecommunications companies are exploring technology for digital video recorders that will record the personal activities of consumers as they watch television from the privacy of their own homes.

Atlanta Police: Traffic Tickets to Fund Pay Raises
Channel 2 Action News has obtained an email sent to Atlanta police that says traffic ticket money will fund future pay raises.

An Atlanta police source told Channel 2’s Amy Napier Viteri there are concerns that linking pay raises to tickets creates an indirect quota system, but the Mayor’s Office and the author of the email insist there’s no push to write more tickets.

The email from police union President Ken Allen explains future police pay raises will be funded through traffic tickets and court revenue. It comes on the heels of the passage of the city’s budget.

Police Chief Mark Kessler: “Shameful” That Police Are Trained To Treat Everyone As A Criminal

Police Barge Into Home To Make Arrest Over The Length Of Grass

Obama’s Police State: A List Of Obama’s 55 Worst Assaults On Civil Liberties
55 examples of Obama’s war on our liberties, freedoms and American way of life. I’m sure you’ve heard of a number of these – but some of the stuff on here will surprise (and frighten) you. Everything on this list is federally related, has been verified and is cited; questionable stuff – like the police force in Hardin, Montana – has been left out.

Did a Military Missle Shoot Down TWA 800? – 96 eyewitness reports, from sea, land and aircraft, describe exactly that
The fate of TWA Flight 800 is exposed, but at the time was covered up by the FBI. 96 eyewitness reports state that a missile struck the aircraft. NTSB crash investigators break their long silence and describe how the FBI tampered with evidence. A new documentary aims to reveal the real truth of the government’s criminal conspiracy and massive cover-up of the tragedy of TWA 800. The producer states: “One or more ordnance explosions outside the aircraft caused its destruction.” The documentary, “TWA Flight 800,” will premiere July 17 on the 17th anniversary of the attack.

The Pentagon’s Surrender to Feminism
“The Pentagon unveiled plans Tuesday for fully integrating women into front-line and special combat roles, including elite forces such as Army Rangers and Navy SEALs.”

So ran the lead on the CNN story. And why are we doing this?

Did the young officers leading troops in battle in Afghanistan and Iraq, returning with casualties, say they needed women to enhance the fighting efficiency of their combat units and the survival rate of their soldiers?

Did men from the 101st and 82nd airborne, the Marines, the SEALs and Delta Force petition the Joint Chiefs to put women alongside them in future engagements to make them an even superior force?

No. This decision to put women in combat represents a capitulation of the military brass, a surrender to the spirit of our age, the Pentagon’s salute to feminist ideology.

California man faces 13 years in jail for scribbling anti-bank messages in chalk
Jeff Olson, the 40-year-old man who is being prosecuted for scrawling anti-megabank messages on sidewalks in water-soluble chalk last year now faces a 13-year jail sentence. A judge has barred his attorney from mentioning freedom of speech during trial.

According to the San Diego Reader, which reported on Tuesday that a judge had opted to prevent Olson’s attorney from “mentioning the First Amendment, free speech, free expression, public forum, expressive conduct, or political speech during the trial,” Olson must now stand trial for on 13 counts of vandalism.

Officer Pleads Guilty to Assault, Blames Female Grope-Down on PTSD
An Auburn, Wa. police officer was fired but faced no jail time after blaming perverted acts committed during a traffic stop on his post traumatic stress disorder, yet another sterling example of how members of law enforcement often face trivial punishments amounting to little more than slaps on the wrist due to their perceived status within the community.

Concentration Camps Revisited: National Emergency Centers Establishment Act 2013
On Tuesday, a caller to the Alex Jones Show brought up H.R.390, the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act, introduced in the House of Representatives on January 23 of this year by Florida Democrat Alcee L. Hastings. The bill – submitted to the Subcommittee on Intelligence, Emerging Threats & Capabilities – is a reformulation of an earlier bill going by the same name, H.R. 645, introduced in 2009. That bill was referred to committee and subsequently died there.

Federal Nullification Laws Allow State Cops To Arrest Feds
Federal nullification laws are beginning to spread across the country, following as more states pass laws contradicting national laws.

Missouri now leads the charge, this week expanding laws to allow state or local authorities to prosecute federal officers who try to enforce laws that conflict with local legislation.

Blackout: Defense Department Blocks All Articles About NSA Leaks From ‘Millions’ of Computers
The Department of Defense is blocking online access to news reports about classified National Security Agency documents made public by Edward Snowden. The blackout affects all of the department’s computers and is part of a department-wide directive.

“Any website that runs information that the Department of Defense still considers classified” is affected, Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Damien Pickart told U.S. News in a phone interview.

According to Pickart, news websites that re-report information first published by The Guardian or other primary sources are also affected.

19 Surveys Which Prove That A Large Chunk Of The Population Is Made Up Of Totally Clueless Sheeple
Are we too stupid to continue as a nation? That may seem like a harsh question, but I think that it is one that we need to ask. Even though we have more access to information today than ever before, it seems like the U.S. population just keeps becoming more ignorant. So at what point does a society become so “dumbed-down” that it can no longer function effectively? We like to complain about our leaders, but the truth is that we are the ones that elected them. They are a reflection of who we are as a society. And when you compare Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner to men like George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, they don’t fare too well. Sadly, the truth is that most of our founding fathers would not have a prayer of being elected today. Instead, they would be labeled as crazy “extremists” for insisting that we follow the U.S. Constitution. In our entertainment-addicted society, Lady Gaga would have a much greater chance of being elected president today than George Washington would. That is how far we have fallen.

FBI Document—“[DELETED]” Plots To Kill Occupy Leaders “If Deemed Necessary”
Would you be shocked to learn that the FBI apparently knew that some organization, perhaps even a law enforcement agency or private security outfit, had contingency plans to assassinate peaceful protestors in a major American city — and did nothing to intervene?

Would you be surprised to learn that this intelligence comes not from a shadowy whistle-blower but from the FBI itself – specifically, from a document obtained from Houston FBI office last December, as part of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by the Washington, DC-based Partnership for Civil Justice Fund?

To repeat: this comes from the FBI itself. The question, then, is: What did the FBI do about it?

El Dorado County Sheriff Strips Forest Service Of State-Law Enforcement Power
The El Dorado County Sheriff says he’s not happy with the U.S. Forest Service, so he’s stripping them of their authority by keeping them from enforcing state law within the county.

Sheriff John D’Agostini is taking the unusual step of pulling the police powers from the federal agency because he says he has received “numerous, numerous complaints.”

In a letter obtained by CBS13, the sheriff informs the federal agency that its officers will no longer be able to enforce California state law anywhere in his county.

“I take the service that we provide to the citizens of El Dorado County and the visitors to El Dorado County very seriously, and the style and manner of service we provide,” D’Agostini said. “The U.S. Forest Service, after many attempts and given many opportunities, has failed to meet that standard.”

Austin Police Union Threatens Peaceful Streets Project With Violence

Newsworthy 6-21-2013

Love Xbox One

Not only is Big Brother watching, but people are lining up to pay to have it happen.

Venezuela considers banning baby bottle feeding
The Venezuela congress is to discuss legislation next week that would prohibit bottle feeding of infants in an attempt to encourage breast feeding and reduce the use of baby formula.

Odalis Monzon, from Venezuela’s ruling Socialist party, said the proposal would “prohibit all types of baby bottles” as a way to improve children’s health.

“We want to increase the love (between mother and child) because this has been lost as a result of these transnational companies selling formula,” Ms Monzon said.

She said the Law for the Promotion and Support for Breast-Feeding, passed in 2007, did not establish any sanctions for using formula. However, she did not say what the sanctions might be if the proposed change to prohibit bottle feeding is passed by Congress, where the Socialist Party has a majority.

She said, however, that exceptions would be allowed, such as in the case of the death of a mother, or for women with limited breast milk production, as determined by the health ministry.

Such legislation would likely raise the ire of opposition sympathisers who say the government of the late President Hugo Chavez excessively extended the reach of the state into the lives of private citizens.

“People are free to feed their children as they see fit,” said Ingrid Rivero, a 27-year-old mother in Caracas. “My daughter stopped breast feeding after seven months. What can I do? Force her?”
Chavez ally Nicolas Maduro, who was elected in April after his mentor’s death from cancer, has vowed to extend his predecessor’s 14-year self-styled revolution that enjoyed strong support among the country’s poor.

Facebook and Microsoft get government OK to make broader surveillance revelations post-Edward Snowden leaks
Facebook and Microsoft Corp. representatives said that after negotiations with national security officials their companies have been given permission to make new but still very limited revelations about government orders to turn over user data.

The announcements Friday night come at the end of a week when Facebook, Microsoft and Google, normally rivals, had jointly pressured the Obama administration to loosen their legal gag on national security orders.

Those actions came after Edward Snowden, a 29-year-old American who works as a contract employee at the National Security Agency, revealed to The Guardian newspaper the existence of secret surveillance programs that gathered Americans’ phone records and other data. The companies did not link their actions to Snowden’s leaks.

Domestic Spy Grid Designed Long Before 9/11
The domestic spy grid enslaving Americans’ personal data into perpetual, digital archives was planned well before 9/11 in a manner much like the early 2001 planning for the invasion of Iraq.

A 42-page, declassified memo called Transition 2001, published in December 2000 to brief newly elected President Bush on the National Security Agency, declares that the agency’s mission demands “a powerful, permanent presence on a global telecommunications network that will host ‘protected’ communications of Americans as well as the targeted communications of adversaries.”

Boy Who Refused to Take Off NRA Shirt Facing Possibility of 1 Year in Jail
Suspended and arrested after refusing to change his NRA shirt. Today, 14-year-old Jared Marcum appeared before a judge and was officially charged with obstructing an officer.

A $500 fine and up to a year in jail, that’s the penalty that Jared could face, now that a judge has allowed the prosecution to move forward with it’s obstructing an officer charge against him.

Law Enforcement Demands Smartphone ‘Kill Switch’
Police and prosecutors from across the country told smartphone manufacturers on Thursday that they must take steps to solve the “epidemic “of thefts involving mobile devices – and they need to do it right away.

A coalition of law enforcement officials, political leaders and consumer groups, called the Secure Our Smartphones (S.O.S) Initiative, wants a “kill switch” installed on all new smartphones that would make them useless anywhere in the world if they are reported stolen.

AT&T to Load iPhones With Emergency Alerts From Obama – That You Can’t Switch Off
Just in case you want more Obama in your life…
AT&T is loading iPhones with emergency alerts from Barack Obama…
That you can’t switch off.

AT&T has begun rolling out Wireless Emergency Alerts updates for iPhone 4S and 5, so you won’t be the last folks to know if the entire northern hemisphere is about to be covered in ice à la Day After Tomorrow.

You’ll receive a notification from the carrier when your update is ready, but only if you’re using iOS 6.1 or higher.

Once installed, AMBER and Emergency alerts are automatically sent to your phone unless you switch them off via Settings. However, should you be tired of Obama, just know that there’s no way to switch off Presidential alerts.

A Kansas physician says he makes the same income and offers better quality care to his patients after he dumped all health insurance companies.

Thirty-two-year old family physician Doug Nunamaker of Wichita, Kan., said after five years of dealing with the red tape of health insurance companies and the high overhead for the staff he hired just to deal with paperwork, he switched to a system of charging his patients a monthly fee plus the price of an office visit or test, CNN/Money reported.

For example, under Nunamaker’s membership plan — also known as “concierge” medicine or “direct primary care” practices — each patient pays a flat monthly fee to have unlimited access to the doctors and any medical service they can provide in the practice, such as stitches or an EKG.

Judge Napolitano: The NSA Scandal Violates The Lessons Of Our History And Our Constitution
When British soldiers were roaming the American countryside in the 1760s with lawful search warrants with which they had authorized themselves to enter the private homes of colonists in order to search for government-issued stamps, Thomas Paine wrote, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” The soul-searching became a revolution in thinking about the relationship of government to individuals. That thinking led to casting off a king and writing a Constitution.

What offended the colonists when the soldiers came legally knocking was the violation of their natural right to privacy, their right to be left alone. We all have the need and right to be left alone. We all know that we function more fully as human beings when no authority figure monitors us or compels us to ask for a permission slip. This right comes from within us, not from the government.

Connecticut Health Officials Bully Barber Giving Free Haircuts To The Homeless
An 82-year-old barber who has been giving free haircuts to the homeless in exchange for hugs for 25 years was granted permission by the mayor Thursday to keep working in a city park, despite orders to leave from police and health officials.

Anthony “Joe the Barber” Cymerys has been a fixture every Wednesday for years at Bushnell Park, where he cuts hair and his friends hand out food to the needy.

But shortly after Cymerys set up shop this week, he said, health officials and police confronted him and his friends and told them they had to leave because they didn’t have permits.

J.R.R. Tolkien Would be Arrested Under Florida Law: Owning a pipe will be a third degree felony
It’s another sign that the Tea Party meme is an excuse to institute more statist coercion. Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed legislation that will make possession of a pipe a third degree felony beginning July 1. A third degree felony in Florida could result in a five year prison term, a loss of the right to vote (for career politicos like Scott), and a lifelong criminal stigma.

Bank of America Lied to Homeowners and Rewarded Foreclosures, Former Employees Say
Bank of America employees regularly lied to homeowners seeking loan modifications, denied their applications for made-up reasons, and were rewarded for sending homeowners to foreclosure, according to sworn statements by former bank employees.

The employee statements were filed late last week in federal court in Boston as part of a multi-state class action suit brought on behalf of homeowners who sought to avoid foreclosure through the government’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) but say they had their cases botched by Bank of America.

Illinois Police Now Confiscating Muskets
Gun control enthusiasts have frequently mocked Second Amendment supporters by saying they only have the right to a musket, which was the weapon of choice at the time the Bill of Rights was drafted.

However, now lawmakers have taken to even confiscating these weapons.

The Daily Herald reports Arthur Lovi, a resident of Arlington Heights, Ill., who is also an Air Force veteran, was speaking to a VA psychiatrist about tragedies in his life, including the loss of his wife of 33 years.

Judge: Have Sex With Me Or I’ll Frame You And Ruin Your Life
With a plot out of a Hollywood movie or a gripping Lifetime TV show, a mesmerizing drama of sex, power, frame-ups, planted drugs, and lies unfolded in real life in Georgia when two Murray County sheriff’s deputies recently pleaded guilty in federal court for their part in a scheme to send an innocent woman to prison. Now both deputies await sentencing on charges of obstruction of justice and perjury stemming from an FBI civil rights investigation into the odd goings-on Down South.

The woman in question, Angela Garmley, had filed a complaint with the Georgia Judicial Qualification Committee alleging that Chief Magistrate Judge Bryant Cochran solicited sex from her in return for legal favors. Shortly after Garmley filed her complaint, she was arrested on August 14, 2012 in sleepy Chatsworth, Georgia, and charged with possession of methamphetamines.

“My client was set up and framed with methamphetamine drugs by Judge Bryant Cochran, whom she had accused of soliciting her for sex in exchange for legal favors in a case she had in Cochran’s court,” attorney McCracken Poston told the Chronicle.

Eyewitnesses Describe The Terror Of DWI Checkpoint Shooting
Jared and Rose Cleerdin found themselves right in the middle of a shootout at what should have been a routine DWI checkpoint. Days after the dramatic shootout in Brunswick County, they are still shaken by what they saw.

“Every cop turned around and started unloading like super trigger happy as if their training was coming into full effect and they were being able to utilize it,” said Cleerdin. “Everybody was just blasting this car to pieces. It was absolutely terrifying.”

They were stunned with what was happening, as officers reportedly shot dozens of rounds – in the direction on-coming traffic.

The Supreme Court rules that states cannot require voters to prove they are U.S. citizens
The Supreme Court ruled Monday that states cannot on their own require would-be voters to prove they are U.S. citizens before using a federal registration system designed to make signing up easier.

The justices voted 7-2 to throw out Arizona’s voter-approved requirement that prospective voters document their U.S. citizenship in order to use a registration form produced under the federal “Motor Voter” voter registration law.

Federal law “precludes Arizona from requiring a federal form applicant to submit information beyond that required by the form itself,” Justice Antonin Scalia wrote for the court’s majority.

Snowden: Truth is coming, and it cannot be stopped
NSA leaker Edward Snowden, answering questions Monday in a live blog on his revelations about the top-secret agency, denied charges he was spying for China and vowed to release more details on the NSA’s “direct access” to the tech companies servers

“Truth is coming, and it cannot be stopped,” Snowden said, according to The Guardian, which held the live blog on its website.

He said the U.S. government “is not going to be able to cover this up by jailing or murdering me.”

Snowden, a former NSA contractor who fled the U.S. after revealing top-secret details on the government’s collection of Americans’ phone and Internet records, has said he “does not expect to see home again.”

SHEEPLE: 66% Believe Obama Administration ‘Right’ to Analyze and Collect Internet Data
A new CNN poll finds that 66 percent of American adults believe that it’s “right” for the Obama administration to analyze and collect Internet data. Only 33 percent believe the action is “wrong,” and 1 percent have “No opinion.”

“[F]or the past few years the Obama administration has reportedly been gathering and analyzing information from major internet companies about audio and video chats, photographs, e-mails and documents involving people in other countries in an attempt to locate suspected terrorists. The government reportedly does not target internet usage by U.S. citizens and if such data is collected, it is kept under strict controls,” reads the poll question. “Do you think the Obama administration was right or wrong in gathering and analyzing that internet data?”

Obamacare will share personal health info with federal, state agencies
A new rule issued late Friday requires state, federal and local agencies as well as health insurers to swap the protected personal health information of anybody seeking to join the new health care program that will be enforced by the Internal Revenue Service.

Personal health information, or PHI, is highly protected under federal law, but the latest ruling from the Department of Health and Human Services allows agencies to trade the information to verify that Obamacare applicants are getting the minimum amount of health insurance coverage they need from the health “exchanges.”

Russian Tycoon Predicts Immortality Within 25 Years
Russian multimillionaire Dmitry Itskov predicts that the human race will achieve immortality within 25 years as a result of minds being transferred into computers, and that robot bodies capable of housing human brains could even be available by 2025.

A number of neuroscience experts gathered at Itskov’s Global Future 2045 conference this past weekend in New York City to debate the fundamental question being posed by futurists across the world – when will man achieve technological singularity and be able to cheat death by merging with machine?

According to Itskov, within the next 10 years humans will be able to control robots using their brains. By 2025, dying bodies could be replaced by robot vassals housing human brains. By 2035, human minds will be transferred into computers, eliminating the need for a body altogether. By 2045, artificial brains will control hologram entities.

The Next NSA Spying Shoe to Drop: “Pre-Crime” Artificial Intelligence
NSA spying whistleblower Edward Snowden’s statements have been verified. Reporter Glenn Greenwald has promised numerous additional disclosures from Snowden.

What other revelations are coming?

We reported in 2008:

A new article by investigative reporter Christopher Ketcham reveals, a governmental unit operating in secret and with no oversight whatsoever is gathering massive amounts of data on every American and running artificial intelligence software to predict each American’s behavior, including “what the target will do, where the target will go, who it will turn to for help”.

Most workers hate their jobs or have ‘checked out,’ Gallup says
Seven out of 10 workers have “checked out” at work or are “actively disengaged,” according to a recent Gallup survey.

In its ongoing survey of the American workplace, Gallup found that only 30 percent of workers are “were engaged, or involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their workplace.” Although that equals the high in engagement since Gallup began studying the issue in 2000, it is overshadowed by the number of workers who aren’t committed to a performing at a high level — which Gallup says costs companies money.

The poll, released last week, examined worker engagement beginning in 2010 and ending in 2012. The previous poll period covered 2008 through 2010.

The survey classifies three types of employees among the 100 million people in America who hold full-time jobs. The first is actively engaged, which represents about 30 million workers. The second type of worker is “not engaged,” which accounts for 50 million. These employees are going through the motions at work.

The third type, labeled “actively disengaged,” hates going to work. These workers — about 20 million — undermine their companies with their attitude, according to the report.

“The general consciousness about the importance of employee engagement seems to have increased in the past decade,” said Jim Harter, Gallup’s chief scientist for workplace management and well-being. “But there is a gap between knowing about engagement and doing something about it in most American workplaces.”

Gallup estimates that workers who are actively disengaged cost the U.S. as much as $550 billion in economic activity yearly. The level of employee engagement over the past decade has been largely stagnant, according to researchers.

The report found that different age groups and those with higher education levels reported more discontent with their workplace. Millennials and baby boomers, for instance, are more likely to be “actively disengaged” than other age groups. Employees with college degrees are also more likely to be running on auto pilot at work.

Navy Will Inspect Its Bathrooms for ‘Degrading’ Images of Women
In line with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s order for troops to have their workplaces searched for “degrading or offensive” materials — part of an attempt to curb sexual assault in the military — the Navy will inspect even its bathrooms.

While what’s degrading or offensive is open to interpretation, the material can include song lyrics and “inappropriate cartoons.”

In a memo sent on June 13, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus ordered that all sailors, Marines, cadets and civilian employees have their workplaces searched by June 28.

Neighbors organize ‘Glock Block’ after increase in crime
After an increase in crime, residents of an Oregon neighborhood have decided to take up arms instead of involving the police.

According to the DailyMailOnline, neighbors have organized what they call a ‘Glock Block,’ after several residents obtained concealed carry permits.

Lawsuit alleges pattern of sexual abuse against women held at county jail in South Texas
A South Texas county has been sued in federal court for the second time in a year over the sexual abuse of women in its jail.

Also named in the lawsuit filed earlier this month in Corpus Christi are three former guards from the Live Oak County jail who were previously convicted of improper sexual contact with prisoners.

Attorney Ron Armstrong, who filed the lawsuit, said Tuesday he has told the district attorney about the new allegations contained in the suit brought by two women.

Police Requested ‘Minority Report’ Technology From Tech Companies, Now They Have It
The faces of more than 120 million people are in searchable photo databases that state officials assembled to prevent driver’s-license fraud but that increasingly are used by police to identify suspects, accomplices and even innocent bystanders in a wide range of criminal investigations.

The facial databases have grown rapidly in recent years and generally operate with few legal safeguards beyond the requirement that searches are conducted for “law enforcement purposes.” Amid rising concern about the National Security Agency’s high-tech surveillance aimed at foreigners, it is these state-level facial-recognition programs that more typically involve American citizens.

The most widely used systems were honed on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq as soldiers sought to identify insurgents. The increasingly widespread deployment of the technology in the United States has helped police find murderers, bank robbers and drug dealers, many of whom leave behind images on surveillance videos or social-media sites that can be compared against official photo databases.

The Supreme Court Decided Your Silence Can Be Used Against You
A nation continues to wait for final word on the Supreme Court’s Big Four cases this term — voting rights, affirmative action, DOMA, and Proposition 8 — but the justices’ closest decision arrived first on Monday, in a 5-4 ruling on Salinas v. Texas in which the conservative members of the Court and Anthony Kennedy determined that if you remain silent before police read your Miranda rights, that silence can and will be held against you. Here’s what that means.

Basically, if you’re ever in any trouble with police (no, we don’t condone breaking laws) and want to keep your mouth shut, you will need to announce that you’re invoking your Fifth Amendment right instead of, you know, just keeping your mouth shut. “Petitioner’s Fifth Amendment claim fails because he did not expressly invoke the privilege against self-incrimination in response to the officer’s question,” reads the opinion from Justice Samuel Alito, which Justice Kennedy and Chief Justice John Roberts backed. Justices Thomas and Scalia had a concurring opinion while the remaining four Supremes dissented.

Big Brother alert: Cameras in the cable box to monitor TV viewers
It hardly gets more Orwellian than this. New technology would allow cable companies to peer directly into television watchers’ homes and monitor viewing habits and reactions to product advertisements.

The technology would come via the cable box, and at least one lawmaker on Capitol Hill is standing in opposition.

Mass. Democratic Rep. Michael Capuano has introduced a bill, the We Are Watching You Act, to prohibit the technology on boxes and collection of information absent consumer permission. The bill would also require companies that do use the data to show “we are watching you” messages on the screen and to explain just what kinds of information is being captured and for what reasons, AdWeek reported.

Study: Home Births May Be Safer Than Hospital Births
A new study has found that mothers experiencing low-risk pregnancies and who are planning home births may have an overall lower risk of birth complications than those who plan their births in hospitals.

LiveScience is reporting that just 1 in 1,000 of the mothers monitored for the study suffered from severe complications during their home births, as opposed to 2.3 in every 1,000 who gave birth in a hospital.

The study, conducted by researchers in the Netherlands, additionally noted a marked decrease in incidents of postpartum hemorrhage in mothers who gave birth at home – 19.6 out of 1,000 compared to 37.6 out of 1,000 respectively.

FBI director admits domestic use of drones for surveillance
The FBI uses drones for domestic surveillance purposes, the head of the agency told Congress early Wednesday.

Robert Mueller, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, confirmed to lawmakers that the FBI owns several unmanned aerial vehicles, but has not adopted any strict policies or guidelines yet to govern the use of the controversial aircraft.

“Does the FBI use drones for surveillance on US soil?” Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) asked Mr Mueller during an oversight hearing on Capitol Hill Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Concord police stun, arrest gun rights protester after officer touched on shoulder
A man was arrested and two people, including a Concord police officer, were allegedly assaulted during a rally Tuesday in a clash between a gun control group and gun rights supporters.

The event had people supporting the Mayors Against Illegal Guns movement, founded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, reading the names of those “killed with guns” since the Dec. 14 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary outside their “No More Names” bus.

Police officer shot dead after pointing stun gun at man’s dogs
A police officer killed while responding to a domestic disturbance in a small eastern Pennsylvania borough had pointed a stun gun at two dogs before being shot, court records reveal.

Freemansburg police officer Robert Lasso had pointed at the attacking dogs when the homeowner pulled out a shotgun and fired the fatal blast on Thursday evening.

In police custody, the alleged gunman, 46-year-old George Hitcho Jr, said he had told Mr Lasso to get off his property and not come on unless he had a warrant, authorities said.

Mental health gun bill goes to Scott’s desk
A bipartisan gun bill has made its way to the governor’s desk. If signed into law, it will prevent tens of thousands of Floridians from buying firearms, but mental health workers worry the bill will backfire.

”I would think it would be very difficult for the governor not to sign a bill that keeps guns out of the hands of dangerous people with mental illnesses,” said Marion Hammer, of the Nation Rifle Association.

The legislation requires people who volunteer for mental health treatment to give up their gun rights. Mental health professionals want Gov. Rick Scott to veto the legislation.

The Argument to Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment of the Constitution
One of the less known and more controversial moments in the history of the Constitution of the United States was the 17th amendment of 1913. It birthed what some claimed was a more fair and accountable political system, and what others called Unconstitutional, tyrannical, and the removal of the voice of the States at the seat of government.

Out of the 17th amendment’s ratification came a movement to repeal the seventeenth amendment and return to original Constitutional law, and of course, a movement that supported a federal plan for electing Senators.

The original words of the the Constitution that are changed by the Seventeenth Amendment are in Article 1 Section 3, and read:

“The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, chosen by the Legislature thereof, for six Years; and each Senator shall have one Vote”

The Seventeenth Amendment ratification eliminated the Constitutional mandate for Senators to the Congress of the United States to be chosen by the respective State Legislatures, who are elected by vote by the people within the respective state districts.

The original intention was that the House represented the People, and the Senate represented the States. The 16th and 17th amendments removed a lot of power from the States and put it in the hands of the Federal Government.

Attempted Land Grab Ends With Voters Booting Entire City Council
Government officials like to use eminent domain for the convenience of their preferred policies and/or the enrichment of themselves and their buddies. Usually, they get away with it, because the folks on the receiving end are too few and powerless to hold their tormentors to account. In Hackensack, New Jersey, however, the officials who targeted Michael Monaghan’s property for seizure as part of an “area in need of redevelopment,” even while denying him the right to develop it himself, pushed too many people around, too often. Last month, voters booted out the entire city council.

NJ Supreme Court Rules State Can Seek Custody Of Child Without Evidence Of Abuse
The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled this week that authorities can seek custody of a child, even where there’s no evidence of abuse or neglect.

The case involved a divorced Camden County mother of 9-year-old twin girls. In 2007, she asked New Jersey’s Division of Child Protection and Permanency for help, claiming she was unable to care for the girls who had psychological and developmental disabilities and needed to be placed in residential care.

NYPD ‘Hunting Of Man’ T-Shirts Seen On On-Duty Officers In Queens
On-duty members of the NYPD’s Queens Warrant Squad were spotted outside a city courthouse last week wearing t-shirts imprinted with a Ernest Hemingway quote, that in the context of the officers’ work, could be considered very disturbing:

“There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.”

Tipsters, who passed along the photo below, told Gothamist and that the cops had badges around their necks, and that thWhat looks like a gun can also be seen in the man’s waistband.

Teens Start Rental Car Company That Undercuts Avis And Hertz. Get Sued By City Of San Francisco For “Unfair Business Practices.”
Said three teenagers to themselves last year: “Yeah, sure, we could go to college. But wouldn’t it be more fun to up-end the airport rental car business?”

They opted for the latter.

So positive were they that they had happened on a better business model than Hertz or Avis, that they turned their backs, respectively, on Harvard, Princeton and MIT — the three institutions to which they had gained (or been offered) admission.

The idea was this: At every major airport, acres of cars sit idle, left parked by owners who have jetted off. Why couldn’t these same cars be rented to arriving travelers? Rates could be dramatically cheaper than those charged by traditional car rental companies, since, under this model, the rental company wouldn’t have to pay for or maintain the fleet.

Owners would have a fourfold incentive to participate: free parking, a free car wash, a cut of the rental fee and a guarantee their car would be waiting for them when they returned…

I am Bradley Manning

Government could use metadata to map your every move
If you tweet a picture from your living room using your smartphone, you’re sharing far more than your new hairdo or the color of the wallpaper. You’re potentially revealing the exact coordinates of your house to anyone on the Internet.

The GPS location information embedded in a digital photo is an example of so-called metadata, a once-obscure technical term that’s become one of Washington’s hottest new buzzwords.

Oregon State Police Taser Autistic 11-Year-Old Child Found Wandering Naked
When police found a confused and naked 11-year-old girl wandering a stretch of highway along the I-5 corridor in Oregon, they didn’t exactly offer her a ride home. Instead the responding officer determined the best course of action would be to Taser her.

This past Sunday morning, cab driver Adam Bednar was aghast when he came upon the adolescent walking down the highway seemingly confused. She was nude and threw Bednar a smile, indicating she wasn’t fully aware of where she was or what she was doing.

Texas Litters Beach With Spy Cameras – State moves to monitor beach goers
Following the highly publicized NSA scandal, this shouldn’t come as a shock, but still the shock factor remains.

An reader sent in the photographs below showing intrusive high-tech cameras on a South Texas beach owned by the South Padre National Seashore. Upon entrance of the beach, cameras began flashing, taking pictures of the vacationers entering and exiting the park. This particular family decided they’d prefer to relax on a beach that doesn’t invade your privacy by spying on you, photographing you without your permission and stealing your vehicle’s license plate information.

Smile, your every move is being watched!

NSA spy scheme played no role in stopping terrorists: Senators
Two US senators have refuted President Barack Obama’s claim that the government’s controversial surveillance program has thwarted terrorist plots.

Senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall said in a statement on Wednesday that the top US officials were wrong in their assertion that the secret National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance program has disrupted more than 50 terrorist plans to attack the United States.

“Saying ‘these programs’ have disrupted ‘dozens of terrorist plots’ is misleading if the bulk phone-records collection is actually providing little or no unique value,” said the two senators, who are both members of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Evidence Indicates Michael Hastings Was Assassinated – Rolling Stone journalist made enemies in FBI, CIA
The revelation that Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings was working on a story about the CIA before his death and had contacted a Wikileaks lawyer about being under investigation by the FBI hours before his car exploded into flames has bolstered increasingly valid claims that the 33-year-old was assassinated.

Hastings died early Tuesday morning in Hollywood when his car allegedly hit a tree at high speed. The Los Angeles Coroner’s office has not yet been able to officially identify the body as Hastings because it is so badly burned.

See also: Michael Hastings Assassinated for Work Uncovering Surveillance State

Over 700 US doctors suspected of harmful excessive prescription practices
Questionable and potentially harmful prescriptions, costing the US government some $352 million, were prescribed for elderly and disabled patients by 736 general care physicians under the national insurance program Medicare, a new report revealed.

The 28-page report by the inspector general of the Department of Health and Human Services, titled ‘Prescribers with Questionable Patterns in Medicare Part D,’ identified some of the doctors’ prescriptions as “very extreme,” and concluded that the individuals need to be further investigated.

The Forced Depopulation of America’s Rural Areas
Agenda 21 policy calls for dramatically increasing urbanization and forcing indigenous populations out of rural areas and into densely populated stack-and pack micro apartments controlled by technocrats with the ability to control every aspect of one’s life. When completed, this lifestyle will be a hell on earth.

In Part One, I detailed how the Chinese government, under the direction of global corporations like Goldman Sachs, is instituting a mass relocation of its population from rural to urban. At the point of a gun, the Chinese military is forcibly removing one million Chinese farmers per month from their rural homes and forcing them into the massive ghost cities from which China has spent nearly $3 trillion to construct.

Family Wash owner accuses law enforcement officials of outrageous raid
As patrons munched on Shepherd’s Pie inside East Nashville’s Family Wash restaurant last Friday, an entourage of a dozen law enforcement officials unexpectedly entered around 10 p.m. in a way the owner alleges resembled a raid.

The group – comprised of two Metro Police officers, as well as Metro Codes, ABC beer board, health department and fire marshal officials – is called Metro’s Environmental Task Force. Its function is to ensure restaurants and bars are following alcohol, food, health and other codes.

Lawyers eye NSA data as treasure trove for evidence in murder, divorce cases
The National Security Agency has spent years demanding that companies turn over their data. Now, the spy agency finds the shoe is on the other foot. A defendant in a Florida murder trial says telephone records collected by the NSA as part of its surveillance programs hold evidence that would help prove his innocence, and his lawyer has demanded that prosecutors produce those records. On Wednesday, the federal government filed a motion saying it would refuse, citing national security. But experts say the novel legal argument could encourage other lawyers to fight for access to the newly disclosed NSA surveillance database.

You Have Only The ILLUSION of Freedom – Sanity is Not Statistical . . . But it is Uncommon

Each choice really leads to the same place…

Americans pay homage to free choice – in theory – but increasingly deny it in everyday practice. This is so obvious it ought not to be necessary to mention examples, but: You are not free to hire whom you wish, to sell to whom you wish, to do as as you wish with your own property or your own physical body – even when none of these actions involves harm to the persons or property of others. It is enough that others don’t like whatever it is you’re wanting to do. This gives them the justification – as they see it – to take away your freedom to choose and in its place, compel you to accept the tyranny of others choosing for you. The circle of real free choice grows smaller almost daily in the “land of the free.” You may choose “venti” or “tall” at Starbucks. A Chevy rather than a Ford. But you may not choose to sell people coffee – or cars. Not without permission – and only under certain conditions. You’re not even free to travel without permission.

Why Neocons Are Freaking Out Over Lincoln
A prerequisite for the final collapse of the Soviet Union was the widespread disbelief in all the lies, myths and superstitions about socialism that the people of the Soviet empire had been brainwashed into accepting. Once no one any longer believed in socialism, the system was doomed despite all of its military might and all of the willingness of communist politicians to brutalize their own people.

As Rothbard said, all state power ultimately rests on a body of ideas that occupy the minds of the citizens. That is what so terrifies the neocons like Rich Lowry: They know how absurd it sounds to America’s youth to hear Obama invoke THEIR rhetoric about the Declaration, government of the people, by the people, etc., and “American exceptionalism” to make his case for yet another war in yet another Middle East country that poses no threat whatsoever to them. More and more young Americans have come to understand that it is the warfare state, propped up by the neocon propaganda apparatus, that is the biggest threat to themselves and their futures.

Joseph Weekley: Self-Pitying Stormtrooper – A Cop That Murdered a 7-Year-Old Girl During a Home Invasion (aka “Raid”)
“It was my gun that shot and killed a 7-year-old girl,” insists Detroit resident Joseph Weekley, who took part in a fatal home invasion on May 17, 2010. This apparent admission is actually an evasion, in that it assigns blame to an inanimate instrument, rather than the individual who wielded it. Weekley also insists that he didn’t intend to pull the trigger, and has no knowledge of doing so, and that he didn’t realize the child was dead until he heard a “high-pitched moan” coming from beneath a pile of clothes.

The only other eyewitness to the killing of Aiyana Stanley-Jones is Mertila Jones, the slain child’s grandmother. Weekley has claimed that Jones was to blame for the killing of her granddaughter, because the woman supposedly tried to swipe the MP-5 sub-machine gun from the hands of the assailant who had just burst into her home at midnight. That claim was contradicted by fellow home invader Shawn Stallard, who was right behind Weekley when the shooting took place and didn’t see a struggle between Weekley and Jones.

Weekley has also said that he initially thought that the shot had been fired by one of his comrades. Oh, sure, he grudgingly admits, it may have been his finger that pulled the trigger – but someone or something else is at fault. In any case, he insists that he’s not to blame – that despite the fact that Aiyana was left to die in a pool of blood, that he, the shooter, is the real victim.