The Carrying of Firearms

I came across a “viral video” of some kids doing an “educational” open carry. They go on and on about how “cool” and “nice” the officer is… but my thoughts on the matter were very different. After watching the video entitled “I Love This Cop. Best Open Carry Stop Ever“, review my commentary.

Note: There is also a “loving” article about this video on Ben Swann’s sight entitled “Viral Video: Best cop ever with Open Carry citizens!

All I saw was a “law enforcement officer” successfully disarm a citizen. Warren gave his weapon to the “officer” and the “officer” unloaded and inspected it then handed it back UNLOADED and they walked off with their unloaded firearm (which makes it a club).

When the “officer” made the comment that what they were doing “wasn’t normal” and that people were “freaking out”, they should have said… “That’s the problem, the people have an almost psychotic fear of guns. What we are doing SHOULD be the normal, and people need to quit freaking out. When taking your phone calls, try explaining this to the moronic public instead of harassing us. It would save a lot of time and effort in the long run.”

Allowing the government to disarm you is not a valid lesson to teach the public. If you truly wanted to educate the public of their rights, you should have walked away when you were told you were not being detained. No matter how nice the “officer” was, you still caved in to him. The lesson you taught was… give in and play nice.

If the officer had pulled his weapon and illegally (and in violation of your natural and constitutional rights) ordered you to the ground, would you have stood your ground, or would you have shown that having the firearm was nothing more than theater? I would be willing to bet you would be on your knees faster than a $2 hooker on payday. Sure, your pals would film everything, and the video would go viral, but the cops would just anal rape you and then get off with a slap on the wrist or (more likely) a comendation.

Every time someone is out with their firearm, confronted by a “law enforcement officer” and then either gives in to their demands/requests or ends up lying face down in a pool of their own blood, the only thing that happens is the “law” gets more emboldened toward tyranny. The reason why, is because they know that no one has the spine to do anything about it. The last time someone did stand their ground was in Waco, and the government burned them alive and slandered their name.

The next time you want to “educate the public”, you either need to take a stand or you need to stay home, poke your finger in the air, and make a speech. I made a speech… there aren’t enough men left in this country with the balls to take a stand, and I’m not going to stand alone just so I can have my children slaughtered, my house burned down and my name slandered. I will defend myself (and my family) unto death… but I won’t be provoking a fight I don’t intend to finish. You shouldn’t either. Next time, if you choose to arm yourself, don’t hand over your gun… no matter how nicely he asks.

Until the time comes that men decide they are men, we deserve everything that’s coming to us…

Newsworthy 12-27-2013

Every human has his Natural Rights… and every tyrannical government violates them.

We were subjected to ‘meticulous, daily torture’ – freed Gitmo detainee
After years of being held at the US Naval Base in Cuba without trial, Ibrahim Idris, one of two Sudanese detainees released on Thursday, said US prison officials had “systematically tortured” him in the course of his 11-year imprisonment at Gitmo.

Idris, who has been described by US officials as mentally ill, delivered his comments in a news conference in Khartoum, just hours after returning home courtesy of a US military plane.

Appearing weak and speaking with apparent difficultly, Idris gave a brief account of his lengthy imprisonment at Gitmo.

“We have been subjected to meticulous, daily torture,” he said. “We were helpless…on an isolated island, surrounded by weapons.”

He praised the Sudanese government and human rights organizations for working to secure the release of prisoners at Gitmo, which has been called “the GULAG of our times” by Amnesty International. Closed-door military tribunals, for example, have been riddled with problems, including courtroom speakers that have a mysterious tendency for being blocked during key testimony.

Another released detainee, Noor Othman Muhammed, was unable to attend the conference because he was recovering in the hospital, Idris said.

Scientists Angry over work to make H5N1 bird-flu virus MORE dangerous to humans
Some of the world’s most eminent scientists have severely criticised the arguments used by some influenza researchers who are trying to make the H5N1 bird-flu virus more dangerous to humans by repeatedly infecting laboratory ferrets.

More than 50 senior scientists from 14 countries, including three Nobel laureates and several fellows of the Royal Society, have written to the European Commission denouncing claims that the ferret experiments are necessary for the development of new flu vaccines and anti-viral drugs.

Gay Group Calls For Re-Education of Phil Robertson – Suspension of Duck Dynasty star over comments not enough
It’s not enough for Robertson to be suspended for daring to criticize homosexuality, gay activists want him to recant in order to send a message that having a view that differs from the PC doctrine will result in re-education.

The group is also targeting companies who use Robertson as a spokesman, intimidating them into severing ties with the Duck Dynasty star.

Whether you agree or disagree with Phil Robertson’s comments is irrelevant. If we are to accept, as leftists are arguing, that controversial comments should not be allowed in the public domain, then the Bible and the Qur’an should be removed from tens of millions of churches worldwide since they both condemn homosexuality.

Openly gay feminist Camille Paglia nailed it when she stated, “In a democratic country, people have the right to be homophobic as well as they have the right to support homosexuality — as I one hundred percent do. If people are basing their views against gays on the Bible, again they have a right of religious freedom there.”

A&E had a right to suspend Robertson because they are a private company and can operate as they like in a free market. However, imagine the backlash that would have ensued if a major corporation had suspended a television personality over pro-gay comments. It’s not going to happen because political correctness only protects the free speech rights of certain groups of people while discriminating against others.

White House Tries to Prevent Judge From Ruling on Surveillance Efforts
The Obama administration moved late Friday to prevent a federal judge in California from ruling on the constitutionality of warrantless surveillance programs authorized during the Bush administration, telling a court that recent disclosures about National Security Agency spying were not enough to undermine its claim that litigating the case would jeopardize state secrets.

In a set of filings in the two long-running cases in the Northern District of California, the government acknowledged for the first time that the N.S.A. started systematically collecting data about Americans’ emails and phone calls in 2001, alongside its program of wiretapping certain calls without warrants. The government had long argued that disclosure of these and other secrets would put the country at risk if they came out in court.

But the government said that despite recent leaks by Edward J. Snowden, the former N.S.A. contractor, that made public a fuller scope of the surveillance and data collection programs put in place after the Sept. 11 attacks, sensitive secrets remained at risk in any courtroom discussion of their details — like whether the plaintiffs were targets of intelligence collection or whether particular telecommunications providers like AT&T and Verizon had helped the agency.

Texas man wants to end pregnant wife’s life support
A Texas man said he wants to end life support for his pregnant wife, but state law puts the rights of their 18-week-old fetus above the desires of the mother.

Marlise Munoz, 33, became brain dead Nov. 26 when she collapsed from a suspected pulmonary embolism, ABC News reported Monday.

Her husband, Erick Munoz, a paramedic, found her on the living room floor of their Tarrant County, Texas, home, and performed CPR before an ambulance arrived.

“They don’t know how long the baby was without nutrients and oxygen,” Erick Munoz said. “But I’m aware what challenges I might face ahead.”

Erick Munoz said he and his wife, who was also a paramedic, had decided they didn’t want to be kept alive by machines before Marlise Munoz fell ill. He said he wants to end her life support.

“It’s hard to reach the point where you wish your wife’s body would stop,” he told WFAA-TV, Dallas.

Texas law, though, puts the rights of the fetus first.

“A person may not withdraw or withhold life-sustaining treatment under this subchapter from a pregnant patient,” the law says.

Erick Munoz would have to get a judge to grant an injunction or restraining order in order to end the woman’s life support, ABC News said.

Cops Tell College Grad ‘You’re Lucky I Didn’t F-ing Shoot You’ After Raiding Wrong House – Man held at gunpoint in handcuffs on his own front lawn
Connor Guerrero didn’t exactly get an apology after police erroneously raided his home last week and handcuffed him on his front lawn.

Instead, Guerrero says a Spokane County Sheriff’s deputy told him he should be grateful he wasn’t killed.

Guerrero, a recent college graduate, says he was enjoying a nice Wednesday evening at home when he heard someone outside.

“Just trying to enjoy my evening. All the sudden, I see a flashlight shining through my doors…,” Guerrero said. “I’m thinking this could be a dangerous situation for me.”

Assuming he was the target of a robbery, Guerrero went to his door to ward off the potential thieves. That’s when things got out of control.

Real-Life ‘RoboCop’ May Be Coming to a Street Near You
Robot security guards are staples of most futuristic sci-fi movies, video games and TV shows. They exist in real life as well, though the sight of a security robot patrolling the streets is far from common.

The K5 Beta, a just-unveiled prototype from California-based company Knightscope, might change all that.

A bullet-shaped robot that stands about 5 feet (1.5 meters) tall, the K5 looks a lot like the droid R2-D2 from the “Star Wars” films. The K5 might not have all the features of its counterpart from a galaxy far, far away. But what it does have, Knightscope representatives said, is an onboard sensor array that can see, hear, touch and smell its surroundings.

Atlantic City Cop Ordered to Pay $250,000 From Own Pocket to Citizen He Abused
We’ve seen so many police abuse lawsuits settled before making it to trial where cops admit no wrongdoing while guiltily dishing out thousands of taxpayer dollars that it’s surprising to see one actually make it to trial.

And it’s absolutely flabbergasting to see it result in a cop ordered personably liable.

The cop is none other than Sterling Wheaton of the Atlantic City Police Department, whom we became familiar with back in September when he drove up to a group of five fellow officers beating on a suspect and sicced his dog on him in an incident caught on surveillance video.

Then we later learned that Wheaton was already named a defendant in three unrelated lawsuits alleging abuse over the five previous years, including one where he is accused of ripping the phone out of the hands of woman recording him, only for her never to see the phone again.

Now we are learning that another of those three lawsuits involved him beating up a prosecutor from the state attorney’s office nonetheless, which is probably the last person you want to beat up if you’re one of these asshole cops like Wheaton who think they can do whatever they want.

A jury awarded Michael Troso $500,000, half which the city must pay, the other half which Wheaton must pay, who incredulously, is still employed by the Atlantic City Police Department, despite the liability he has proven to be.

Agent: FBI key in border agent Terry slaying
A federal agent who exposed the Justice Department’s flawed gun-trafficking investigation known as Operation Fast and Furious says the FBI played a key role in events leading to the 2010 murder near Nogales, Ariz., of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

John Dodson, a special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, contends that the bandits who killed Terry were working for FBI operatives and were sent to the border to do a drug rip-off using intelligence from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.

Local courts reviving ‘debtors’ prison’ for overdue fines, fees
As if out of a Charles Dickens novel, people struggling to pay overdue fines and fees associated with court costs for even the simplest traffic infractions are being thrown in jail across the United States.

Critics are calling the practice the new “debtors’ prison” — referring to the jails that flourished in the U.S. and Western Europe over 150 years ago. Before the time of bankruptcy laws and social safety nets, poor folks and ruined business owners were locked up until their debts were paid off.

Reforms eventually outlawed the practice. But groups like the Brennan Center for Justice and the American Civil Liberties Union say it’s been reborn in local courts which may not be aware it’s against the law to send indigent people to jail over unpaid fines and fees — or they just haven’t been called on it until now.

Proof The Mainstream Media Is Scripted

Meet the man who builds weapons to challenge the TSA
Booth is by no means the first to expose the flaws in airport security. Perhaps most famous is Bruce Schneier, who has made something of a habit of carrying prohibited items through security checkpoints in plain sight.

Schneier has called TSA screening “security theater,” designed to make people feel safe but not actually do much about security. Schneier thinks the U.S. can safely roll back its security systems to pre-9/11 levels without much risk.

“The question you might ask is, how do you stay safe? And the answer is, you are safe,” he said. “If we aren’t safe, why aren’t airplanes blowing up left and right? The numbers don’t justify the measures.”

If Germany had won WW1, there would not have been a WW2
The first world war came to an end in November 1918, when the German armies surrendered near Compiegne. But it could plausibly have ended in a very different way in spring 1918, if Ludendorff’s offensive on Paris and towards the Channel had succeeded. It nearly did so. And what might 20th-century Europe have been like if it had?

Obviously, it would have been dominated and shaped by Germany. But what kind of Germany? The militaristic, conservative, repressive Prussian power created by Bismarck? Or the Germany with the largest labour movement in early 20th-century Europe? German history after 1918 would have been a contest between the two – and no one can say which would have won in the end.

But one can say that a victorious Germany, imposing peace on the defeated allies at the treaty of Potsdam, would not have had the reparations and grievances that were actually inflicted upon it by France at Versailles. As a consequence, the rise of Hitler would have been much less likely. In that case, neither the Holocaust nor the second world war would necessarily have followed. If Germany’s Jews had survived, Zionism might not have had the international moral force that it rightly claimed after Hitler’s defeat. The modern history of the Middle East would therefore be very different – partly also because Turkey would have been among the victors in 1918.

In the kaiser’s Europe, defeated France would be the more likely seedbed for fascism, not Germany. But with its steel and coal still in German-controlled Alsace-Lorraine, France’s military and naval potential would have been contained. Meanwhile, defeated Britain would have seen its navy sunk in the Heligoland Bight, have been forced to cede its oil interests in the Middle East and the Gulf to Germany, and have been unable to contain Indian nationalism. In practice, the British empire would have been unsustainable. Today’s Britain might have ended up as a modest north European social democratic republic – like Denmark without a prince.

Meanwhile America, whose entry into the war would have been successfully pre-empted by Germany’s victory, would have become a firmly isolationist power and not the enforcer of international order. Franklin Roosevelt would solve America’s postwar economic problems in the 1930s, but he would never fight a war in Europe – though he might have to fight one against Japan. The Soviet Union, with a wary but powerful neighbour in victorious Germany, would have been the great destabilising factor but it might not have been invaded as it was in 1941. And with no second world war there might never have been a cold war either.

Traditional Danish pastries threatened by EU cinnamon ban – Proposals for an EU ban on cinnamon rolls have put a dampener on Denmark’s Christmas festivities
The season’s festivities in Denmark have been overshadowed by the prospect that it could be the last Danish Christmas before a European Union ban on their beloved kanelsnegler or cinnamon rolls.

The proposed ban followed plans by Denmark’s food safety agency to implement EU regulations aimed at limiting the amount of coumarin, a naturally occurring toxic chemical found in the most commonly used type of cinnamon, cassia.

Under Danish interpretation of the EU legislation the amount of cinnamon in “everyday fine baked goods” will be limited to 15mg per kilo meaning a ban on Kanelsnegler pastries, a winter favourite in all Nordic countries, which take their name from their coiled snail shape.

The move has provoked a furious reaction from Danish bakers because neighbouring Sweden has decided to save their spicy pastries, known as kanenbullar in Swedish, by classing them as a traditional and seasonal dish with a permitted cinnamon level over three times higher, at 50mg per kilo.

Journalist Harassed By Georgia Law Enforcement For Photographing Sheriff’s Building
A journalist investigating a police brutality case was confronted and harassed by Georgia law enforcement late last week, while attempting to photograph outside the Glynn County Sheriff’s Department.

Following video of Georgia police slamming a 70-year-old woman into the pavement earlier this month, Jeff Gray, journalist with Photography is Not a Crime, headed to Glynn County to investigate the incident.

While standing on a public sidewalk taking pictures of the sheriff’s department, which also houses the county’s jail and courthouse, Gray was confronted by two Glynn County court bailiffs.

“What can I do for you? What are you taking pictures of? You got some ID?” the first bailiff says while approaching Gray.

“Am I being detained?” Gray asks as the bailiff grabs his camera, momentarily disabling the recording.

Seemingly unhappy with Gray’s refusal to quit recording as well as his understanding of constitutional rights, the bailiff can be seen grabbing the camera again as a second bailiff approaches.

Is Maureen Dowd Obsolete? Without men, civilization would last until the oil needed changing
Oh god, oh god. Death, taxes, migraine, sinus drainage, beriberi, and Maureen Dowd, the resentment columnist at the New York Times. On the web I find her at some feminist bitch-in, called Are Men Obsolete? She has this to say to men:

“So now that women don’t need men to reproduce and refinance, the question is, will we keep you around? And the answer is, ‘You know we need you in the way we need ice cream….you’ll be more ornamental.”

I was delighted to think that I might be ornamental, no one having suggested the concept until now. I could have used it in high school. Maureen herself is beyond being ornamental, having that injection-molded look that follows the seventh face-lift, probably accomplished by the surgical use of a construction crane.

But I will say this to her:

Listen, Corn Flower. Let’s think over this business of obsolete men. Reflect. You live in New York, in which every building was designed and built by men. You perhaps use the subway, designed, built, and maintained by men. You travel in a car, invented, designed, and built by men—a vehicle that you don’t understand (what is a cam lobe?) and couldn’t maintain (have you ever changed a tire? Could you even find the tires?), and you do this on roads designed, built, and maintained by men. You fly in aircraft designed, built, and maintained by men, which you do not understand (what, Moon Pie, is a high-bypass turbofan?).

Huffington Post’s Dishonest Smear of Phil Robertson
On December 19 the Huffington Post added its two cents to the Hollywood Left’s ongoing smear and character assassination of Phil Robertson of the “Duck Dynasty” television series by condemning him for something he never said. The publication recruited one Cavan Sieczkowski, who writes a “gay voices” column for them, to proclaim that Phil Robertson “claims black people were happy pre-civil rights.” He then excoriates Robertson for supposedly condoning Jim Crow laws.

Other media leftists have told even bolder lies about Robertson. One John McIntyre, writing in the December 22 Baltimore Sun, falsely claimed that Robertson told GQ magazine that “black people were better off, and happier, as slaves.” Of course, he never said any such thing, as McIntyre must surely know. You can apparently get away with any falsehood, no matter how outrageous, when you are a lefty writing for a left-wing propaganda rag like the Baltimore Sun.

But the allegedly “damning” quote from a GQ magazine interview with Robertson says nothing at all about civil rights, Jim Crow laws, or discrimination. Sieczkowski made the whole thing up, then attacked Robertson for saying something that he never said. “Jim Crow laws enforced a system of subjugating African-Americans in the South,” he screeched ever so indignantly, apparently oblivious to the fact that racial discrimination was always as bad, if not worse, in places like New York, Boston, and Chicago during that same time period. Such historical facts are always ignored whenever the New York-based leftist media engages in yet another round of South-bashing.

Army: Don’t say Christmas
Don’t say Christmas.

That’s the message that was conveyed to a group of soldiers at Camp Shelby by an equal opportunity officer from the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute, according to a soldier who attended a recent briefing.

“It’s unbelievable that the Army would ban ‘Christmas’ like it’s a bad word,” said Michael Berry, an attorney with the Liberty Institute, a legal firm representing the unidentified soldier.

Computerizing people may be next step in tech
It’s likely the world in the not-so-distant future will be increasingly populated by computerized people like Amal Graafstra.

The 37-year-old doesn’t need a key or password to get into his car, home or computer. He’s programmed them to unlock at the mere wave of his hands, which are implanted with radio frequency identification tags. The rice-size gadgets work so well, the Seattle resident says, he’s sold similar ones to more than 500 customers through his company Dangerous Things.

The move to outfit people with electronic devices that can be swallowed, implanted in their bodies or attached to their skin via “smart tattoos” could revolutionize health care and change the way people interact with devices and one another. Critics call the trend intrusive, even sacrilegious. But others say it ultimately will make life better for everybody. Some researchers and executives envision a day when devices placed in people will enable them to control computers, prosthetic devices and many other things solely with their thoughts.

‘Comedy of Errors’ – Sensitive FBI interrogation manual surfaces at Library of Congress
An FBI agent who authored a secret bureau interrogation manual made the seemingly unusual decision to submit the document for copyright protection, thereby making it publicly accessible through the Library of Congress, according to a new report.

The agent requested a copyright for the interrogation manual in 2010, leaving a copy with the US Copyright Office, where with a simple request US citizens are allowed to view any materials archived there. The employee, a supervisory agent who also worked as a unit chief with the FBI counterterrorism division, was unnamed in a report by Mother Jones, the first source to publish the story.

This news comes after the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) spent years in court trying to force the FBI to disclose its interrogation techniques. Included in that request was the interrogation manual in question, which spells out the methods agents are encouraged to use when they are questioning a subject.

Sister jailed for flinging peanut butter in argument over dog – Rachel Byrd, of Deltona, faces battery charges
A 29-year-old Deltona woman was arrested on allegations of throwing peanut butter on her brother’s face in an argument over a urinating dog.

Deputies said Rachel Byrd flung a spoonful of peanut butter at her brother, and someone called 911 but hung up. A dispatcher called back but no one answered, so a deputy was sent to the home, officials said.

The deputy said the brother did not want to press charges against his sister, but the deputy noted that peanut butter was running down his face.

I guess you better think twice before having a pillow fight, or wielding a water balloon.

I can see it now… sitting in prison next to murderers and rapists for the crime of poking someone with a fluffy pillow. What’s next, execution for utilizing the comfy chair?