What is Marxism?

I often go on and on about Marxism and what a detriment to society I believe it is.

People have asked me, “What exactly is Marxism, and why do you cast it in such a negative light”.

I thought I would take this opportunity to answer those questions.

What is Marxism?

This question alone is the catharsis behind encyclopedias of information that has been written over the decades. I don’t think I will do adequate justice in a blurb in a blog post, but I will try to at least paint a broad picture. Forgive me if I over-simplify a few things.

Marxism comes in many shades, shapes, sizes, and titles… it is a catch-all term for all of the sub-genres that lie within; kind of like “Rock and Roll” encompasses rockabilly, doo-wop, surfer, hard rock, soft rock, pop rock, etc. The foundation of all the sub-genres of Marxism are the same… a basis in the philosophies of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Marxism encompasses the range from socialism to hard-core communism, and beyond, into other arenas (such as social issues); just as Rock and Roll has a basis in the blending of country, western, blues, jazz, and gospel… Like Rock and Roll though, Marxism has new things thrown into the mix.

With that in mind, consider this…

Marxism encompasses the following goals:
1. The destruction of the family… separating children from their parents for easier control.
2. The destruction of marriage… separating man from woman.
3. The abolition of religion… separating Man from God.
4. The abolition, or redefinition of, morality… separating Man from self-restraint.
5. The abolition of nationality and countries… separating Man from his community.
6. Nationalism, and a devotion to state (government) over individuality or liberty… separating Man from himself.
7. Compulsory state education… to further #1 through #6 above. To separate Man from the truth.
8. The abolition of private property… separating Man from the basis of human happiness, stability, prosperity, advancement, and freedom of contract. The foundation of a free society.
9. The abolition of weapons… separating Man from the means to defend himself and hold government to account.
10. The use of heavy taxes… further separating Man from his property, and depriving him of a means to improve his station.
11. A centralized, governmental banking system… a means to attain power and control the masses.
12. Governmental control of communication and transportation… separating Man from his freedom to associate.
13. Governmental control of business… separating Man from his ability to prosper and grow.
14. Redistribution of wealth… “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”… separating Man from his independence.
15. Governmental control of population and society… separating Man from his free will.
16. Positive Law Theory instead of Natural Law Theory… separating Man from his inalienable rights.

When you separate Man from his family, wife, God, self-restraint, community, individualism, liberty, property, ability to defend himself, ability to improve his station, freedom of association, truth, prosperity, growth, independence, free will, and inalienable rights, what has he become?

An automaton that is easily controlled and manipulated, with no will to fight… a slave among slaves.

That is Marxism… that is why I portray it in a negative light.

I hope that clears things up a bit.

Liberals are their own worst enemy

I have thought of how funny it would be to ship liberals off to their own island where they could live their supposed “Utopian” life the way they envision it. The liberals would then be free to live the way they want… free of common sense and responsibility.

It is with a great degree of entertainment that I imagine the following:

There would be two factions, the government and the people. The people would give everything they own to the government, and the government would control every aspect of the people’s lives, and redistribute all wealth “fairly”.

Eventually they would find that no one was working to pay the taxes as everyone would be living off of government taxes and dues, except the government and union employee… who live off of government and union taxes and dues.

Natural resources would not be utilized in order to not burden the planet with the plight called humanity, and everyone would live in lean-tos made of naturally fallen brush. Returning to “nature”, the life expectancy of the populace would drop to about the age of 35.

They would have no need for infrastructure, and they would have no cars, use no electricity, and would recycle their own feces to fertilize the gardens for their vegan lifestyle. The lack of protein in their diet, and constant consumption of raw vegetables grown in human waste, would lead to crippling illness and parasitic infections.

Crime would then become the major source of sustenance for the populace, as they would need to supplement “their fair share”. Crime would grow exponentially as there would be great concern for the rights of criminals, and complete gun control; furthermore, the legal system would only harass and oppress the law-abiding that try to defend themselves… refusing to prosecute criminals as they (the criminals) would be considered too downtrodden and in dire need of rehabilitation.

The financial situation would not be as severe as expected though, because the population would begin to decrease as most unions would be homosexual or hedonistic in nature, and what few pregnancies occurred would end in abortion. Those who were left would be infected with various diseases due to a reliance on condoms and the government distribution of syringes. Of course, those few remaining would be “picked off” by the wild animals left to their own devices, as the populace would not want to “interfere” with nature.

If anyone remained, they would be suffering with various syndromes, which would, in their opinion, require extensive counseling and psychotropic medication paid for by the government. The government, having no money, would need to hold marathons, and charity auctions, and beg other governments to supplement them in their time of need. To increase sympathy, they would show images of poor, drug addicted, aids-infected, teenage lesbian, serial killers with severe diarrhea, in need of medication to treat their dyslexia and low attention spans.

The other countries would then notice the untouched landscape, the unused natural resources, and the weak, unarmed, people incapacitated with diarrhea and psychotropic induced delusions that inhabit it, and they would invade the country.

Those liberals that were not killed during the invasion would then be captured and put into forced labor camps where they would be treated completely equal, and would be fed, clothed, and receive their medical care from the government, just like they always dreamed.