Newsworthy 03-16-2014

Charlie Chaplin Speaks

School forces half-naked, sopping wet student to stand outside, frostbite results
A Minnesota public high school was so committed to obeying its fire drill policy to the exact letter of the law that it forced a female student–dressed only in a swimsuit, and sopping wet–to stand outside in the freezing cold for ten minutes. As a result, she suffered frostbite.

Administrators wouldn’t let the student retrieve her clothes, sit in a car or wait inside another building, according to WCCO.

The trouble began when a small science experiment triggered the fire alarm at Como Park Senior High School in St. Paul, Minnesota. Fourteen-year-old Kayona Hagen-Tietz was swimming in the school pool for health class at the time. Her clothes were in her locker, and a teacher told her that there was no time for her to change. Hagen-Tietz was rushed outside–still wet and dressed in only swimsuit.

It was 5 degrees below zero in St. Paul that day. With the windchill, it was 25 degrees below zero.

Down Dixie Way – Notes of a Fed-Up Southerner
Coming up as I did a Southern boy, usually barefoot, lots of times with a cane pole and a string of bream I caught in Machodoc Creek, and other signs of higher civilization, I believe I could get tired of Northerners huffing and puffing about how moral they are. Ain’t nothing like a damn Yankee for smarmy hypocrisy. They can spit it out in chunks like saw logs. A Yankee can’t open his mouth without preaching about how everybody else ought to do something he won’t do himself.

It’s always the same thing, about how the South keeps blacks in poverty and has lynch mobs. (Actually, it’s been at least three weeks since I was in a lynch mob.) To listen to these pious frauds, you’d think Northerners just loved black people and spent most of their time with them at the country club, talking the stock market. Why, how else could it be?

I couldn’t lie so much if you gave me a bird dog and a buzz saw. It ain’t in me. The worst schools in the country are in Mississippi, which doesn’t have any money, and the second worst in Washington, DC, which has all our money. Yes, Washington, so virtuous it makes your teeth curl. How many white kids are in those schools? Uh-huh. It’s you and him integrate, not us.

An Insane Speech About Freedom

Feminist Control Freaks Want to Ban the Word “Bossy”

Teen self-defense expert expelled, jailed, kicked out of Army program, all because of a pocketknife
An Ohio high school student training to be an EMT was charged with a felony and sent to jail for 13 days because police found a pocketknife during an unauthorized search of his car.

Jordan Wiser, an 18-year-old student at Ashtabula County Technical and Career Campus in Jefferson, Ohio, is an EMT trainee with a passion for self-defense and public service. He aspires to be a firefighter, and is a certified emergency vehicle operator. Wiser is comfortable with weapons, and posts Youtube videos of himself talking about law enforcement, self-defense and video games.

Apparently, school administrators caught wind of the videos, which led them to believe that Wiser was in possession of weapons, according to The Huffington Post.

Police searched Wiser’s car without his permission, discovering a pocketknife, stun gun and airsoft guns. Airsoft guns fire non-lethal, plastic pellets, and are used in sports games.

Homeland Security Snipers Terrorize Confused Residents During Raid – DHS agents train weapons on innocent neighbors
Department of Homeland Security snipers trained their weapons on frightened residents during a raid on a nearby apartment in East Williamsburg, with neighbors complaining of how they were “utterly confused and frankly terrorized” during the incident.

The combined federal/NYPD drugs bust started in the early hours of Sunday morning when a low flying helicopter startled East Williamsburg and Bushwick residents, before streets were blocked off, preventing people from going home.

“Witnesses spotted a big Department of Homeland Security truck as well as DHS agents toting machine guns as they raided 221 Devoe Street,” reports the Gothamist.

While the raid unfolded, DHS snipers aimed their guns at residents in nearby buildings, causing panic and confusion. “I literally had a flashlight-gun pointed at me from a sniper on top of the black armored truck the first time I opened our window to see what was going on,” said one neighbor.

“What woke us up was a cop yelling ‘POLICE!’ outside and hearing some sort of scream,” he added. “Then I noticed the flashing lights of the armored black truck so I peeped out the window. There were two snipers on top of the armored truck with flashlight-guns and one of them pointed at me immediately. If I was them and I was doing my job, I probably would have pointed it at me, too, but at the same I wasn’t even in the building they were looking at. He immediately pointed it away but needless to say, I was terrified because I could have been picked off instantly.”

DHS officials admitted that they were involved in the raid but declined to elaborate, while the NYPD had no comment.

The increasing militarization of the Department of Homeland Security and its closer ties with local police departments has stoked increasing concerns that the war on drugs is being used as an excuse to turn America into a police state.

Feminist Studies Professor Accused of Assaulting Teenage Prolife Demonstrator
A department of feminist studies professor has been accused of going berserk after coming across a campus prolife demonstration that used extremely graphic displays, leading a small mob of students to chant “tear down the sign” before grabbing one of the signs, storming off with it, then allegedly engaging in an altercation with a 16-year-old prolife protestor who had followed the educator to retrieve it.

Much of the scuffle was recorded on a smartphone by the 16-year-old, Thrin Short. The yet-to-be-released video is now in the custody of Santa Barbara law enforcement officials, who are investigating the March 4 incident.

The professor at the heart of the controversy is Mireille Miller-Young, an associate professor whose area of emphasis is black cultural studies, pornography and sex work, according to her faculty webpage. She could not be reached for comment Tuesday by The College Fix.

The confrontation took place at the coastal, public university’s “free speech” area, a heavily traversed part of the quad.

Grand Island Student Punished for Refusing to Change NRA T-Shirt
The parents of a Grand Island High School sophomore confirm their son was recently made to serve a one day in-school suspension, resulting from his refusal to change clothes after a determination the shirt he was wearing violated the school’s dress code.

Wayne and Kim Kinney describe their son Shane, 16, as an avid outdoorsman and hunter.

Shane, like his parents, is also a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

The Kinneys say their son recently went to school wearing a tee shirt depicting his support of the NRA and the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution.

“It’s the same shirt he’s worn before, but this time they said something about it,” Wayne Kinney told WGRZ-TV.

According to his parents, a teacher at the high school told Shane the shirt was inappropriate.

“They said it was the guns,” said Mr. Kinney, noting the NRA emblem over crossed rifles adorning the shirt.

While the school dress code mandates that attire not “disrupt or interfere with the educational process,” it does state anything specifically against the promotion of political causes or the depiction of firearms.

Obama threatens vetoes of bills requiring him to follow the law
President Obama is threatening to veto a law that would allow Congress to sue him in federal courts for arbitrarily changing or refusing to enforce federal laws because it “violates the separation of powers” by encroaching on his presidential authority.

“[T]he power the bill purports to assign to Congress to sue the President over whether he has properly discharged his constitutional obligation to take care that the laws be faithfully executed exceeds constitutional limitations,” the White House Office of Management and Budget said Wednesday in a statement of administration policy. “Congress may not assign such power to itself, nor may it assign to the courts the task of resolving such generalized political disputes.”

College Group Bans White People From Diversity ‘Happy Hour’ – “That space is not for white people”
A group of employees at South Puget Sound Community College caused outrage after they made it clear that white people would not be welcome at a planned diversity “happy hour” event.

Hospital imprisoned devoted spiritual author by claiming her prayers are a sign of mental illness
The woman, who seeks to remain anonymous, is a self-published author who enjoys writing on spiritual topics. She was taking part in a 15-day spiritual fast at the time. By the 15th day of going without food and drinking only water, the woman began to feel delirious. On the last day of her fast, parked at a Cleveland, OH, BP gas station, the woman grew faint and called her mother for assistance.

Simple emergency room visit turns into a psych ward lockdown

The anonymous woman was promptly escorted to the emergency room of St. Vincent’s Charity Medical Center, where she was cared for primarily by Dr. Brar.

After taking blood tests, Dr. Brar determined that the woman had low sodium, potassium and electrolyte levels, due to the fast. The woman, conscious again, recovered from her woozy state. As she recovered, she prayed audibly and read from the Bible.

After observing the woman’s fervent behavior, Dr. Brar then allegedly diagnosed the woman with bipolar disorder. The complaint states that the woman was diagnosed with “bipolar disorder with psychotic features.”

#BanBossy Should Remind Us That Militant Feminism Is Toxic
Should Hillary Clinton be selected by the New World Order banking interests as the next puppet-in-chief, we can assuredly expect to see renewed interest in militant feminism across America. Perhaps not coincidentally Facebook COO and longtime Hillary supporter Sheryl Sandberg has launched the latest Politically-Correct PR stunt: #BanBossy.

The message of the #BanBossy campaign is, in a nutshell, that girls are disproportionately discouraged from taking on leadership roles because they were called cruel names like “bossy” when they were children. ”By middle school, girls are less interested in leadership than boys,” so claims the slickly-produced video meme

New Iraqi Law Legalizes Rape, ‘Feminists’ Too Busy Banning Words to Care – No Beyonce-backed campaign as 10 million women set to be classified slaves
While feminists were busy telling the world about the dire need to ban the word “bossy,” the Iraqi parliament was considering the implementation of a new law that would legalize rape, prohibit women leaving home without the permission of their husband, and legalize marriage for 9-year-olds.

“If passed, the law will apply to Iraq’s Shia Muslims, the majority of the population. Provisions include prohibiting Muslim men from marrying non-Muslim women, legalising rape inside marriage by declaring that a husband has a right to sex regardless of consent, and prohibiting women from leaving the house without their husband’s permission,” reports

Wyoming welder faces $75,000 a day in EPA fines for building pond on his property
All Andy Johnson wanted to do was build a stock pond on his sprawling eight-acre Wyoming farm. He and his wife Katie spent hours constructing it, filling it with crystal-clear water, and bringing in brook and brown trout, ducks and geese. It was a place where his horses could drink and graze, and a private playground for his three children.

But instead of enjoying the fruits of his labor, the Wyoming welder says he was harangued by the federal government, stuck in what he calls a petty power play by the Environmental Protection Agency. He claims the agency is now threatening him with civil and criminal penalties – including the threat of a $75,000-a-day fine.

“I have not paid them a dime nor will I,” a defiant Johnson told “I will go bankrupt if I have to fighting it. My wife and I built [the pond] together. We put our blood, sweat and tears into it. It was our dream.”

Stomach virus closes Alexandria school after 230 get sick
About 230 students and faculty at an Alexandria elementary school are sick with a stomach illness, forcing the school to close on Friday, March 14.

In the past two days, nearly 200 students and more than 30 staff at John Adams Elementary School called out sick and exhibited symptoms of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, school officials say.

Chief Administrative Officer Tammy Ignacio for Alexandria City Public Schools spoke with members of the news media Friday and says the illness was first detected in the fourth grade wing of the school.

On Wednesday night, that area of the school was quarantined and cleaned but the virus still spread to other wings of the school by Thursday, according to Ignacio. After making the call to close school Friday, she says the facility will be cleaned “top to bottom” with a substance that consists of 10 percent bleach and the cleaning process will entail “the walls, the ceilings, the toys, the desks, pretty much every aspect of the building.”

Newsworthy 12-20-2013

Hitler believed in gun control... as long as he was in control.

Every dictator knows that an unarmed populace is a more compliant populace. Hitler believed in gun control… as long as he was in control.

RELEASE US – a short film on police brutality

Who Funds the Far Left? You’ll Be Surprised
* Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, one of Washington’s most powerful lobbyists.
* American Iron and Steel Institute
shutterstock_93355207* America’s Health Insurance Plans, or AHIP
* Apple Inc.
* AT&T
* Bank of America
* Blackstone, one of the largest multinational private equity firms
* Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
* Citigroup
* The Coca-Cola Company
* Comcast NBCUniversal
* CVS Caremark Inc.
* Eli Lilly and Company
* Facebook
* GE
* Goldman Sachs
* Google
* Japan Bank for International Cooperation
* Microsoft Corporation
* Northrop Grumman, defense contractor
* PepsiCo
* Samsung
* Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States
* Time Warner Inc.
* Walmart
* Wells Fargo

Police Zip Tie 5 year old and charge him with Battery On Officer

Media Works To Keep Mass Shooters’ Profiles Secret – Democratic socialist occultists make up majority of mass shooters
An undeniable pattern has continued to emerge in light of mass shootings, despite the media’s attempt to avoid connecting the dots.

In the wake of recent high-profile shootings, the media can almost immediately be seen attempting to link deranged shooters with the political right. As facts come in, the desire to connect shooters to their political ideologies quickly erodes, as the same anti-depressant taking, left-wing, occultist profile emerges.

In 2011, Tuscon, Arizona shooter Jared Loughner, who viciously murdered six people in his unsuccessful attempt to kill U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, was immedietly deemed a “right-winger.” It was soon learned that Loughner was a left-wing liberal obsessed with drugs, mind-control, dressing like the grim reaper and engaging in occult rituals.

Despite initial reports attempting to paint the same picture, information now shows that last week’s shooter in Colorado, Karl Halverson Pierson, was a devoted and “opinionated socialist” who blamed gun violence on Republicans.

Spain ‘won’t have Enough Tanks’: Catalonia to Vote on Independence, Defy Madrid
The Catalan regional parliament has set November next year for a referendum on the Spanish province’s independence. The government in Madrid blandly said the vote won’t happen, but activists wonder how it might be stopped.

Catalonia’s four pro-independence parties, which hold a majority in the regional parliament, announced Thursday that the rich industrial Spanish province will hold a referendum on whether to gain greater autonomy or even total independence from the country’s central government.

The vote’s preliminary date is November 9, Catalan regional government head Artur Mas said. The people will be asked two questions: “Do you want Catalonia to be a state?” and “Do you want that state to be independent?”

Federal Judge Finds Part Of Utah’s Polygamy Ban Unconstitutional

Neighbors Call Cops On Man For Washing Car in His Own Drivewa – “The cops in this town have nothing better to do?”
Neighbors called police on a man in Garden City, New York for the egregious crime of washing a car in his own driveway.

A video shows a police officer approaching two men in their driveway to inform them washing their car on their own private property violates a city ordinance, telling them “you’re not allowed to do it.”

“I don’t just make this shit up, I ain’t just driving down the street to come over here and break your balls,” remarks the cop as he shows them the ordinance which states that washing a motor vehicle is prohibited in a public place.

When the two men respond that the vehicle is on private property, the officer responds, “OK that’s what you say, it’s still in public view.” So now according to New York police, all private property that is visible from public land is no longer private.

NSA Director Alexander Has to Ask Permission to Answer a Question – Who’s really in charge of the NSA?
One of the more jaw-dropping moments to emerge out of 60 Minutes’ profile piece on the National Security Agency yesterday was when NSA Director Keith Alexander had to ask permission from his superiors on whether or not he could answer a question.

The report, headed up by John Miller, himself a former FBI and National Intelligence official, was basically a soapbox for the NSA to downplay its malfeasance in light of the Edward Snowden revelations.

“Did the NSA actually find a foreign power that had identified this capability and discussed using it offensively,” Miller asks Alexander at the 2:45 mark in the clip above.

Alexander is about to speak but then turns his head towards what Miller describes as a “crowd of people in the dark,” and states, “I need time out on that.”

According to Miller, Alexander then asked this group of people, “Can I answer that?”

Pennsylvanians Coerced Into Giving Cheek Swab at “Voluntary” Checkpoint – Private firm backed by police to intimidate motorists into submission
A supposedly “voluntary” survey checkpoint run by a private firm in Reading, Pennsylvania on behalf of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy caused outrage when residents said they were forced off the road into a car park and coerced into giving cheek swabs as a result of an intimidating police presence.

The Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation was hired by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to run the checkpoint, during which motorists were quizzed about their driving habits.

Reading resident Ricardo Nieves said that he had to repeatedly refuse to take part in the survey over a 5 minute period before the was allowed to leave. Nieves noted that the presence of city police and a police car with flashing lights was designed to “intimidate motorists” into submission and “gave the checkpoint an air of authority it would not otherwise have had,” according to the Reading Eagle.

It’s a Man’s World, And It Always Will Be – The modern economy is a male epic, in which women have found a productive role—but women were not its author
History must be seen clearly and fairly: obstructive traditions arose not from men’s hatred or enslavement of women but from the natural division of labor that had developed over thousands of years during the agrarian period and that once immensely benefited and protected women, permitting them to remain at the hearth to care for helpless infants and children. Over the past century, it was labor-saving appliances, invented by men and spread by capitalism, that liberated women from daily drudgery.

Great Moments In U.S. Government Provided Health Care: WW2 Vets And Forced Lobotomies
ww2-vets-underwent-forced-lobotomiesNewly uncovered documents show the U.S. Army embraced frontal lobotomy as a way to treat at least 2,000 troops in the aftermath of World War II, the Wall Street Journal reported.

“They just wanted to ruin my head, it seemed to me,” one veteran, Roman Tritz, told the Journal.“Somebody wanted to.”

Tritz, now 90 years old, told the Journal he was forcibly lobotomized on July 1, 1953, after resisting previous attempts. Though the Department of Veterans Affairs has no record of the procedures taking place, the Journal cited government records, inter-office correspondence and letters in reporting that they took place at VA facilities around the country to treat troops who were identified as gay, along with those diagnosed with schizophrenia, depression and psychosis. The records show the bulk of the procedures were carried out between April 1947 and September 1950.

Southern Discomfort: U.S. Army seeks removal of Lee, ‘Stonewall’ Jackson honors – Revisionist history would remove portraits of Confederate legends
The U.S. Army War College, which molds future field generals, has begun discussing whether it should remove its portraits of Confederate generals — including those of Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.

Fla. school named for South general to be changed
About half of the faculty and a majority of alumni surveyed disagreed with the name change, but 64 percent of students at the black-majority high school were in favor of dropping the name. The school board said it based its decision on what the students wanted.

The name of the school has been a source of controversy for decades, with school officials continuously refusing to change it despite numerous protests.

Forrest High opened as an all-white school in the 1950s. Its name was suggested by the Daughters of the Confederacy, who saw it as a protest to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that eventually integrated the nation’s public schools.

NSA Official Says First Amendment Should Be “Reformed” – Adds that Obama should crack down on free press
An unnamed official with the NSA told a reporter during a recent media “open day” that President Obama should crack down on the free press, and that the First Amendment should be reformed.

In his piece for Foreign Policy, reporter Daniel Drezner explains how NSA officials are so completely out of touch with the Constitution and Bill of Rights that they simply cannot fathom why people are so upset with the actions of the spy agency with regards to monitoring Americans’ communications.

In a key revelation, Drezner notes:

“The NSA’s attitude toward the press is, well, disturbing. There were repeated complaints about the ways in which recent reportage of the NSA was warped or lacking context. To be fair, this kind of griping is a staple of officials across the entire federal government.”

A federal judge has ruled this week that NSA spying is likely unconstitutional

“Some of the NSA folks went further, however.” Drezner explains.

“One official accused some media outlets of ‘intentionally misleading the American people,’ which is a pretty serious accusation. This official also hoped that the Obama administration would crack down on these reporters, saying, “I have some reforms for the First Amendment.”

Former Top NSA Official: “We Are Now In A Police State”
Bill Binney is the high-level NSA executive who created the agency’s mass surveillance program for digital information. A 32-year NSA veteran widely regarded as a “legend” within the agency, Binney was the senior technical director within the agency and managed thousands of NSA employees.

Binney has been interviewed by virtually all of the mainstream media, including CBS, ABC, CNN, New York Times, USA Today, Fox News, PBS and many others.

Last year, Binney held his thumb and forefinger close together, and said:

We are, like, that far from a turnkey totalitarian state.

But today, Binney told Washington’s Blog that the U.S. has already become a police state.

Eyewitness to Hitler Warns: “Keep Your Guns and Buy More Guns”
From site:
Editor’s Note: The warning signs are everywhere. History has shown us exactly what happens to the citizenry of nations who are disarmed by their governments. The comparisons between Nazi-controlled Austria and a socialist-controlled America are frightening. But this time it’s different right? It could never happen in the Land of the Free…

Watch the speech, read every word and share with friends, family, and those who don’t know any better.

4th Grade Common Core Math Problem Takes 108 Steps to Complete – If you do it in two steps, you get it wrong!
Apparently if you just know how to do simple math because it’s, well… simple, under Common Core, your answer would still be counted wrong because you didn’t do it in some convoluted, idiotic way that basically renders doing the math entirely pointless by the time you’re finished anyway. A simple 4th grade division problem regarding 18 students counting off to 90 takes an absurd 108 steps to get “right” via Common Core?

Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect could be a game changer for homeland security
Information about the use of the Xbox’s Kinect motion-sensing and optical technologies is scarce in the U.S. But in Singapore, the government is promoting multiple proof-of-concept studies that show just how powerful the Xbox Kinect system is in a public safety and homeland security context.

One area in which the advanced sensors and infrared systems of Kinect have shown great promise is in detecting illegal border crossings, said Joan Liu, information systems officer for the Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs.

In a presentation posted on the Microsoft public safety and national security website, Liu offers a detailed look at the tests her government conducted using Kinect. In one example, Liu shows how a standard optical camera detects a black blob on the back of a motorcycle that looks like nothing more than a backpack in the final image. Using the Kinect depth sensors, however, evaluators were able to easily discern a human figure trying to blend in with the driver’s form in order to avoid detection.

In another example, Liu explains the challenge of seeing through heavily tinted glass on automobiles. Using a standard camera, no human figures can be seen. But the Kinect sensors can easily detect human figures behind the tinted glass.

Cop Violently Body Slams Elderly Woman Into Pavement
Is it appropriate for a cop to smash a little old lady’s face into pavement after pulling her over for drunk driving?

Yes, it is, according to Glenn County Police Chief Matt Doering.

70-year-old Kathleen Mary Allegrone screamed and attempted to resist arrest after she was initially pulled over for driving under the influence on December 5. Officer Kevin Jones responded by lifting Allegrone into the air and throwing her onto the paved street. She landed face-first.

The shocking incident was caught on camera.

In Texas, Search Warrants Can Now Be Based on a “Prediction of a Future Crime”
Police in Parker County had been watching Michael Fred Wehrenberg’s home for a month when, late in the summer of 2010, they received a tip from a confidential informant that Wehrenberg and several others were “fixing to” cook meth. Hours later, after midnight, officers walked through the front door, rounded up the people inside, and kept them in handcuffs in the front yard for an hour and a half.

Democrats Persecute Homeschooling Parents – Your children belong to the state, according to Ohio senate bill
In a coordinated attack on families, a Democratic state senator in Ohio introduced a bill this month that requires parents to submit to a social services investigation, including background checks, before being “permitted” to homeschool their own children.

If the bill is passed, homeschooling in Ohio will be effectively shut down.

Introduced by Sen. Capri Cafarao, Senate Bill 248 effectively requires homeschooling parents to be licensed by the state through an application process which includes an investigation, background checks and in-person interviews between social workers and children which the parents are not allowed to attend.

After the investigation, social services would then decide whether homeschooling would be “in the best interests of the children.”

“This bill is breathtaking in its attempt to impose unreasonable government intrusion on Ohio families,” says the Home School Legal Defense Association, which also called the bill the worst homeschooling law ever proposed.

The association also stated that if a family has any record of a child welfare investigation, regardless of its outcome, social services would immediately reject the parents’ request to educate their own children.

City Cites “International Code” in Effort to Evict Off-Grid Woman – Florida resident who generates her own electricity targeted for not being dependent on the state
After a Fox affiliate did a feature story on the off-grid lifestyle of a Cape Coral, FL woman she was almost immediately hit with an eviction order from the city which cited “international code” as a reason for turfing the woman out of her own home because she was not dependent on city water or electricity supplies.

Just one day after the feature story about how Robin Speronis was living off’ grid by generating her own power via solar panels and collecting rainwater, city code enforcement officers visited her home to declare it unfit for human habitation. The code enforcers were able to make this determination despite not even venturing inside Speronis’ house.

“There’s a good chance they just looked at the water bill for that address and realized the city monopoly had been thwarted,” reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Despite the fact that Speronis’ home looks the same as every other on her street from the outside, because she is not dependent on government, the state is presumably worried about the threat of a good example and is attempting to evict her from her own fully owned property.

Lesbian boss ‘fired me for being straight’
A married, heterosexual gym teacher at a tony Upper West Side private school was fired because his lesbian supervisor disapproved of his “traditional family status,” the canned teacher claims in a new Manhattan lawsuit.

Gregory Kenney, 50, taught gym at the Trinity School on W. 91st St. for 16 years before he was let go in June 2012.

Kenney, who lives with his wife and three young children in LI, says he was a well-liked employee at the elite institution that counts Truman Capote, Ivanka Trump and Eric Schneiderman as alumni, until a gay athletic director named Pat Krieger took over in 2009.

Woman Faced Illegal Body Cavity Search, Observed Bowel Movement
Federal agents wrongfully strip-searched a New Mexico woman at the El Paso border crossing, then took her to a hospital where she was forced to undergo illegal body cavity probes in an attempt to find drugs, according to a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday.

The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in El Paso said the unnamed 54-year-old U.S. citizen was “brutally” searched by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents in December 2012 after being selected for additional random screening at the Cordova Bridge in El Paso when a drug sniffing dog jumped on her. The woman was returning from a visit to a recently deported family friend in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico, the lawsuit said.

Agents quickly stripped searched her and did cavity searches but found no evidence of drugs, court documents said. But the woman was transported in handcuffs to the University Medical Center of El Paso, the lawsuit said, where doctors subjected her to an observed bowel movement, a CT scan and other exams without a warrant.

Roger Maier, a spokesman for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, said the agency doesn’t comment on pending litigation. “We do not tolerate corruption or abuse within our ranks, and we fully cooperate with any criminal or administrative investigations of alleged misconduct by any of our personnel, on or off-duty,” Maier said.

Almost Orwellian
“Almost Orwellian” — that’s the description a federal judge gave earlier this week to the massive spying by the National Security Agency (NSA) on virtually all 380 million cellphones in the United States.

In the first meaningful and jurisdictionally grounded judicial review of the NSA cellphone spying program, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon, a George W. Bush appointee sitting in Washington, D.C., ruled that the scheme of asking a secret judge on a secret court for a general warrant to spy on all American cellphone users without providing evidence of probable cause of criminal behavior against any of them is unconstitutional because it directly violates the Fourth Amendment.

Readers of this page are familiar with the purpose of that Amendment and the requirements it imposes on the government. The Framers intended it to prevent the new government in America from doing to Americans what the British government had done to the colonists under the king.

Coroner Claims Ohio Man Murdered In Police Custody, Police Say Suicide
An Ohio coroner ruled the October hanging death of a man in police custody to be homicide by strangulation last week, contradicting claims made by local law enforcement.

Nine days after his arrest, 24-year-old Zachary Goldson was discovered hanging from a bed sheet at the Brown County jail. While officers claimed suicide, autopsy results released last week by Brown County Coroner Judith Varnau revealed that to be an impossibility.

Nine states propose 16 anti-fluoridation bills in 2013 to protect public against poison
Things are heating up on the fluoride front as states and municipalities all across the country rethink their official water fluoridation policies. According to the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), some 16 pieces of legislation across nine states were introduced or passed just within the past year to protect the public against this pervasive poison.

In Utah, for instance, the Safe Drinking Water Disclosure Act was passed back in April, requiring that all shipments of fluoride chemicals coming into the state be accompanied by certificates of analysis detailing the presence of any outside contaminants. The law reportedly took effect on July 1, allowing local water utilities to end their fluoridation programs in the event that certificates are not provided.

Fluoride additives, as you may recall, are often laced with other poisons like arsenic, cadmium and even radioactive isotopes that persist from the waste liquids used by the phosphate fertilizer and aluminum manufacturing industries to capture pollutants. These pollutants, not the natural environment, are the source from which the artificial fluoride chemicals added to water supplies are derived.

Tennessee, a leader in anti-fluoridation legislation, introduced two similar bills earlier this year requiring fluoride manufacturers to disclose the full contents of their chemicals. House Bill 1215 and Senate Bill 1274 were also accompanied by HB 1186 and SB 1211, two bills that would allow local voters to decide whether or not to continue fluoridating their water supplies. Statewide, Tennessee also introduced HR 130, which would prohibit state employees or agencies from endorsing fluoride.

TSA trying to reinvent themselves in PR campaign aimed at kids

Notice how they don’t mention grabbing your genitals, pulling out catheters, dumping people out of their wheelchairs, fondling breasts, and so on?

1907 Partition of Persia (Iran) by Russia and Great Britain
“‘The Great Game’ refers to the rivalry between Britain and Russia over territorial and political control in Central Asia. The middle zone of land that was located between India and Russian holdings: Persia, Afghanistan and Tibet.” (See here.) As part of The Great Game, Russia and Great Britain partitioned Persia (now called Iran).

Persia had had a revolution and had formed a majilis (parliamentary assembly) to counter the shah of that time. Classic liberalism was at work. Neither Great Britain nor Russia had any interest in that.

The finances of the Persian government were so bad that they found an American expert and offered him the job and power of cleaning it up. W. Morgan Shuster took on this task, taking the side of the constitutionalists. Russia sought to defeat this move, and eventually Shuster was expelled. “Shuster and his administrative assistants were the direct targets of the Russian invasion of the country in 1911-1912: Shuster’s removal from his position at the Treasury was a principal objective of Russian foreign policy.”

Shuster then wrote a book “The Strangling of Persia“.

The U.S. has a similar Great Game of its own in these same Central Asian regions. Although Iran has a constitutional republic, the U.S., replacing Great Britain, has no basic interest in that or the rights of the Iranian people or their self-determination. The same has been true of the U.S. with respect to Iraq, Libya, Syria and every other country in the region. U.S. policy is not driven by the goal of spreading democracy and creating strong states. And, even if Israel were not present in the region, U.S. policy would be much the same.

The U.S. has replaced Great Britain in the antagonism toward Russia. It has mobilized NATO to surround Russia. The U.S. is the new empire on the block. In practice, it has long since abandoned the ideals and practices of classical liberalism. Some of the rhetoric is still heard. The words “freedom” and “free people” are frequently tossed around, but little else because it clashes so obviously with the realities of the U.S. empire’s actions.

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