Newsworthy 12-06-2013

“I’m Just a Mom!” Daphne Lee Gives Powerful Speech Against NDAA in Clark County, Nevada

‘Genderqueer’ rising: Colleges welcome kids who identify as neither male nor female
The weekly meetings of Mouthing Off!, a group for students at Mills College in Oakland, Calif., who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, always start the same way. Members take turns going around the room saying their names and the personal pronouns they want others to use when referring to them — she, he or something else.

It’s an exercise that might seem superfluous given that Mills, a small and leafy liberal arts school historically referred to as the Vassar of the West, only admits women as undergraduates. Yet increasingly, the “shes” and “hers” that dominate the introductions are keeping third-person company with “they,” ”ze” and other neutral alternatives meant to convey a more generous notion of gender.

Comment: The more you enable mentally and emotionally disturbed people, the harder they will fall. Enough is enough. Political Correctness is a disease that assists in the decay of a society.

Coming Soon, a Night Watchman With Wheels? Robots on patrol in schools and neighborhoods near you.
The night watchman of the future is 5 feet tall, weighs 300 pounds and looks a lot like R2-D2 – without the whimsy. And will work for $6.25 an hour.

A company in California has developed a mobile robot, known as the K5 Autonomous Data Machine, as a safety and security tool for corporations, as well as for schools and neighborhoods.

“We founded Knightscope after what happened at Sandy Hook,” said William Santana Li, a co-founder of that technology company, now based in Sunnyvale, Calif. “You are never going to have an armed officer in every school.”

But what is for some a technology-laden route to safer communities and schools is to others an entry point to a post-Orwellian, post-privacy world.

The Dirty Secret of Black Friday ‘Discounts’ – How Retailers Concoct ‘Bargains’ for the Holidays and Beyond
When shoppers head out in search of Black Friday bargains this week, they won’t just be going to the mall, they’ll be witnessing retail theater.

Stores will be pulling out the stops on deep discounts aimed at drawing customers into stores. But retail-industry veterans acknowledge that, in many cases, those bargains will be a carefully engineered illusion.

The common assumption is that retailers stock up on goods and then mark down the ones that don’t sell, taking a hit to their profits. But that isn’t typically how it plays out. Instead, big retailers work backward with their suppliers to set starting prices that, after all the markdowns, will yield the profit margins they want.

The red cardigan sweater with the ruffled neck on sale for more than 40% off at $39.99 was never meant to sell at its $68 starting price. It was designed with the discount built in.

Bitcoins: The Second Biggest Ponzi Scheme in History
I hereby make a prediction: Bitcoins will go down in history as the most spectacular private Ponzi scheme in history. It will dwarf anything dreamed of by Bernard Madoff. (It will never rival Social Security, however.)

To explain my position, I must do two things. First, I will describe the economics of every Ponzi scheme. Second, I will explain the Austrian school of economics’ theory of the origin of money. My analysis is strictly economic. As far as I know, it is a legal scheme — and should be.


First, someone who no one has ever heard of before announces that he has discovered a way to make money. In the case of Bitcoins, the claim is literal. The creator literally made what he says is money, or will be money. He made this money out of digits. He made it out of nothing. Think “Federal Reserve wanna-be.”

Child taken from womb by social services
A pregnant woman has had her baby forcibly removed by caesarean section by social workers.

Essex social services obtained a High Court order against the woman that allowed her to be forcibly sedated and her child to be taken from her womb.

The council said it was acting in the best interests of the woman, an Italian who was in Britain on a work trip, because she had suffered a mental breakdown.

The baby girl, now 15 months old, is still in the care of social services, who are refusing to give her back to the mother, even though she claims to have made a full recovery.

The case has developed into an international legal row, with lawyers for the woman describing it as “unprecedented”.

Seven Phony Hate Crimes Trumpeted By The Media
One of the oldest rules in psychology and economics is that if you reward a behavior, you can expect to see it more often.

In America, we reward victimhood.

That makes us feel good about ourselves and in some cases, it helps improve the lives of the people who’ve been victimized, but there’s a dark side to it as well. It creates perverse incentives for people, it helps legitimize a victimhood mentality, and it also encourages people to fake hate crimes.

Under normal circumstances, that would seldom happen. However, in a society where we celebrate victimhood and savagely attack people we decide are “bullies”, being a “victim” can potentially be the high point of someone’s life. It can mean getting attention from the media, being showered with sympathy, and even making thousands of dollars.

Is it any wonder that there are unscrupulous people who take advantage of the situation?

Five Men Rush to Save Drowning Woman, cop Stands Around and Chats on Phone

Give the officer some credit, folks. He did have a gun in case someone’s dog was nearby.

A police officer stood by, chatting on his cellphone while the men rescued the 62-yr-old woman, who is now in critical condition.

According to witnesses the woman was trapped in her vehicle for at least six minutes.

Unfortunately, the woman is now dead. Sudsbury Star reports: “Two sources have confirmed to The Sudbury Star that the 62-year-old woman rescued from her sport utility vehicle after it left Municipal Road 80 on Thursday near McCrea Heights and plunged into a marsh has died.”

Ohio Court: Polite Drivers Are Not Suspicious – Ohio Court of Appeals throws out conviction of a man who was searched during a traffic stop because he was too polite.
The second highest in Ohio decided on Wednesday that police have no business searching a motorist during a routine traffic stop for being too polite. The Court of Appeals suppressed the evidence that allowed police to seize a .40 caliber Sig Sauer and a small bag of marijuana from Joshua A. Fontaine at 2:27 am on December 12, 2012.

On that day, Ohio State Highway patrolman Jared Haslar was running a speed trap on Pearl Road in Strongsville, where the speed limit is 35 MPH. Patrolman Haslar claims his radar gun clocked Fontaine at 45 MPH, so he pulled him over. In the course of the stop, Fontaine cheerfully handed over his license, proof of insurance, and registration. This caused the officer to suspect criminal activity.

“While speaking to Mr. Fontaine I felt that his body language and his behavior was a little bit unusual,” Patrolman Haslar testified. “He was extremely — like almost overly polite, and he was breathing heavily at times while I was talking to him.”

Officer Safety . . .
If it is reasonable – justifiable – for a cop to base every interaction with a citizen on the presumption that the citizen might be a threat to his “safety,” isn’t the reverse all the more reasonable? That a citizen should assume the worst when confronted by a cop? officer safety

After all, a cop is known to be armed – and not merely with a gun. He possesses the authority of the state and with it, a far more relaxed standard for using gross and disproportionate violence against a citizen. He can do things to you legally – without fear of repercussions that no ordinary citizen would dare to do – and to which, moreover, the ordinary citizen is legally obliged to submit.

Is it not enough to make a citizen fear for his safety?

Dallas Cops Required To Keep Mum For 3 Days After Shootings – Directive follows case in which cop was embarrassingly caught in lie
Officers of the Dallas Police Department are now required to remain silent for three days after they witness or are involved in shootings under a contentious policy change quietly implemented last October by the Dallas Police Chief.

“Any Dallas officer involved in a police shooting — whether the officer fired a weapon or witnessed the gunfire — will now have the right to remain silent for 72 hours under a new department policy,” the Dallas Morning News reported late last month.

“And even before they give a statement about the shooting, the officers can watch any available video,” the paper added.

The rule change arrived on the heels of an October 11 incident in which a Dallas police officer fired on a mentally ill man, Bobby Gerald Bennett, absent of any provocation, then lied about it.

City Presses Charges Against Veteran For Raising Chickens – “We were sick of corporate farming, GMOs and pesticides”
A Northwood, Iowa man charged with violating a city ordinance that bans raising chickens within city limits is set to face trial late next week.

Leo Hendrick, war veteran, father and owner of Spartan Arms, moved his family to Northwood five years ago in hopes to live a more healthy and self-sufficient life. Through hunting, gardening and raising small animals like chickens and rabbits, Hendrick has become almost completely food independent.

“We were sick of corporate farming, GMOs and pesticides,” Hendrick told Storyleak. “The price of groceries just keeps going up too so this is really the only way me and my family can survive.”

Unfortunately for Hendrick, once city council learned of his family’s chickens, a Worth County sheriff’s deputy arrived at his home late August to present a letter demanding he remove all animals from his property within 10 days.

Florida cop arrested for wearing Guy Fawkes mask at Obamacare protest
A Florida police officer who was protesting US President Obama’s newly implemented healthcare law has been arrested because he refused to take off a Guy Fawkes mask he was wearing at a demonstration.

A symbol of resistance, the Guy Fawkes mask protects the wearer’s identity from future political retaliation.

A symbol of resistance, the Guy Fawkes mask protects the wearer’s identity from future political retaliation. Credit: Kigsz via Wikimedia

Ericson Harrell, 39, was wearing a mask, a black cape, and holding an inverted American flag when police approached him in Plantation, Florida. Harrell told officers he was “protesting Obamacare” but the police report notes “he refused each time” when he “was asked several times to remove his mask and produce some form of identification or tell us his name” and taken into custody.

The mask is the same one popularized in the film “V for Vendetta” and then by the activist hacking collective known as Anonymous.

The police report does not mention whether other protesters were at the scene or if Harrell was holding his own individual rally. It does say Harrell was not willing to tell police who he was, “stating his anonymity was his cause, thus the mask…He stated the mask was used by movement groups around the world for protests.”

Police Threaten To Bust Down Man’s Door, Kill His Dogs And Ransack His Home (It Was The Wrong House)
A Kansas City man says he’s been terrified since an encounter with police on Monday evening. He says officers came to his home in southeast Kansas City looking for people he’d never heard of and when he refused to let them inside, things turned ugly.

Eric Crinnian, a lawyer, heard a loud banging at his door Monday night, he was instantly alarmed since a neighbor’s house was robbed a few weeks ago, so he grabbed a crow-bar.

Crinnian said three police officers were outside his house.

“I open the door a little bit wider and he sees that I have something in my hand, so he pulls his gun, tells me to put down whatever I’ve got and then come out with my hands up, so I do,” Crinnian said.

Unarmed Man Charged with Wounding Bystanders Shot by NYPD Officers
In the latest turn to a developing case an unarmed man involved in an altercation with New York City police near Times Square, which resulted in the shooting of two bystanders, the district attorney’s office is holding him responsible for their injuries.

According to an indictment unsealed on Wednesday Glenn Broadnax, 35, of Brooklyn, NY, has been charged with assault over the September 14 incident which left many wondering whether the use of force by police in a crowded area was justified.

He began wading into busy lanes of traffic in the bustling Times Square area, drawing a crowd and the attention of police officers who attempted to contain Mr. Broadnax, a 250-pound man described as emotionally disturbed.

Under the assumption that he was armed, two officers opened fire when Broadnax reached into his pants pockets, instead hitting two women bystanders. The bullets struck a 54-year-old woman in the knee and grazed another 35-year-old woman.

The End of Evolution
Having gotten a lot of intelligent and thoughtful mail following a recent column on Darwin, a bit of it telling tme to read Richard Dawkins, the Amway Salesman of Evolutionism (I have read him, actually), I determined to respond here rather than individually. I promise to shut up on the subject for a long time hereafter.

The Argument from TimeEven a Federal Bureaucrat Can Get A Job Done, Given Forever

A staple of evolutionary evasion is time, lots of it. This is particularly applied to the putative formation of the OC (Original Critter). One intones “billions and billions and billions of years,” the implication being that with so very, very, very much time, so many billions of gallons of sea water, surely an OC would have to form. Why, it could hardly help it.

Not necessarily. Probabilities can be more daunting than one might expect. Things that seem intuitively likely sometimes just flat are not. To illustrate the point:

We’ve all heard Sir James Jeans’ assertion that a monkey, pecking randomly on a typewriter, would eventually produce all the books in the British Museum. This may sound reasonable, even obvious, at first glance. But would the monkey in fact ever get even one book?

No. Not in any practical sense.

Liberals are their own worst enemy

I have thought of how funny it would be to ship liberals off to their own island where they could live their supposed “Utopian” life the way they envision it. The liberals would then be free to live the way they want… free of common sense and responsibility.

It is with a great degree of entertainment that I imagine the following:

There would be two factions, the government and the people. The people would give everything they own to the government, and the government would control every aspect of the people’s lives, and redistribute all wealth “fairly”.

Eventually they would find that no one was working to pay the taxes as everyone would be living off of government taxes and dues, except the government and union employee… who live off of government and union taxes and dues.

Natural resources would not be utilized in order to not burden the planet with the plight called humanity, and everyone would live in lean-tos made of naturally fallen brush. Returning to “nature”, the life expectancy of the populace would drop to about the age of 35.

They would have no need for infrastructure, and they would have no cars, use no electricity, and would recycle their own feces to fertilize the gardens for their vegan lifestyle. The lack of protein in their diet, and constant consumption of raw vegetables grown in human waste, would lead to crippling illness and parasitic infections.

Crime would then become the major source of sustenance for the populace, as they would need to supplement “their fair share”. Crime would grow exponentially as there would be great concern for the rights of criminals, and complete gun control; furthermore, the legal system would only harass and oppress the law-abiding that try to defend themselves… refusing to prosecute criminals as they (the criminals) would be considered too downtrodden and in dire need of rehabilitation.

The financial situation would not be as severe as expected though, because the population would begin to decrease as most unions would be homosexual or hedonistic in nature, and what few pregnancies occurred would end in abortion. Those who were left would be infected with various diseases due to a reliance on condoms and the government distribution of syringes. Of course, those few remaining would be “picked off” by the wild animals left to their own devices, as the populace would not want to “interfere” with nature.

If anyone remained, they would be suffering with various syndromes, which would, in their opinion, require extensive counseling and psychotropic medication paid for by the government. The government, having no money, would need to hold marathons, and charity auctions, and beg other governments to supplement them in their time of need. To increase sympathy, they would show images of poor, drug addicted, aids-infected, teenage lesbian, serial killers with severe diarrhea, in need of medication to treat their dyslexia and low attention spans.

The other countries would then notice the untouched landscape, the unused natural resources, and the weak, unarmed, people incapacitated with diarrhea and psychotropic induced delusions that inhabit it, and they would invade the country.

Those liberals that were not killed during the invasion would then be captured and put into forced labor camps where they would be treated completely equal, and would be fed, clothed, and receive their medical care from the government, just like they always dreamed.